Sam Smith drops a new modern album ‘Love Goes’

Samuel Frederick Smith, known as Sam Smith, is an English singer and songwriter who released his third album “Love Goes” on Oct. 30. He created an album with sad and mixed emotions with 17 songs, with features from Burna Boy, Labrinth, Normani, Demi Lovato and Calvin Harris.

Sam usually writes songs about broken hearts, and he did it with the album “Love Goes,” just a different genre of music that is more tech compared to his past albums. I like Sam Smith’s music because he doesn’t use a lot of heavy beats; instead he features calm rhythms. He usually uses piano and violin in the background to make it sound peaceful.

In this album he uses a mix of different beats and less piano tone which I think he did well balancing some sad and heartbreaking words with the lyrics. I like how on one of his songs called “Fire on Fire” he uses piano sound describing lost love and fighting for it. This song was also used in a movie called “Watership Down”. The song perfectly fits in because he expresses his emotions without copying his previous songs, “Stay With Me” that almost has a similar meaning.

Out of all his songs my favorite song was “Diamond” because it has a more of a rhythm pop happy beat. It was the first song of the album to be released and I thought it was the best choice to put out because it made me interested in listening to the album. “My diamonds stay with you” means that he loves staying with the person who left him. The songs’ voices are raw and unfiltered. Sam Smith did something different, but I still enjoyed “Love Goes” because his music is both upbeat and soothing. The songs connect with the range of human emotions and are enjoyable to listen to. This album shows Sam Smith feeling through the song’s names, lyrics and his voice.