National Honor Society strategies change due to Covid


The NHS’ logo

The National Honors Society is an organization of students who help their communities through volunteer work. This year, the NHS’ volunteer work is limited due to covid restrictions. 

Every year, the members of the NHS vote for who will become their president. Presidents of the NHS are “mainly in charge of scheduling the NHS events that we do, and they also are in charge of checking over the members’ hours and contacting people for community service opportunities,” Madeline Motz explained, tri-president of the NHS. This year the NHS has decided to use a tri presidency.

“The plan was, when we got back to school, to vote for a president in person but obviously that couldn’t happen. And then after we had been working with the NHS all summer we just decided it would be easiest to keep the summer leadership team in charge going into the school year,” Annika Fredeen tri-president of the NHS said.

Another important role for NHS students is officer. The NHS currently has four junior officers  that split individual jobs amongst them. These include treasurer, social media manager, historian and secretary. The officers also serve as the candidates for president at the start of every year.

The goal of the NHS is just to reach out into the community and into our school and make the world a better place, and just do what we can to help.”

— Madeline Motz

“We have four junior officers that just got elected about two weeks ago and they just shadow what the Presidents do so that next year, they can take over the responsibilities we have,” Motz explained.

Because of Covid restrictions, the NHS is unable to perform volunteer work at many places, particularly at nursing homes. They have needed to be creative in order to continue to help the community. They shifted their focus to environmental health care. 

“What we’ve been focusing on helping the most is the environment because obviously people can be outside. And so that’s our goal this year, to improve the environment,” Motz said.

Recently the NHS planned an event called Rake a Difference, an event where members of the NHS go out into the community and rake elderly peoples’ lawns. However, this event didn’t go as planned,  NHS plans to create other future events to make up for it.

“The only thing we have done so far in efforts to help the environment is setting up the Rake a Difference event which unfortunately was canceled due to the snow,” Nicole Haley, tri-president of the NHS explained.

The NHS is still able to host events like blood drives, as long as they stay within the CDCs guidelines.

“We have had to rework different events so that they are up to date with the CDC’s guidelines and are in the process of doing so with events like Coffee House and the Food Drive,” Haley said.

Overall, the NHS has adapted really well to all of the challenges they have faced. This has allowed them to continue their operations smoothly, despite the world’s current situation.

Fredeen said there is still a lot of things that people can do virtually or just do in smaller groups, that still improve the community. So the NHS has definitely changed but they have been able to adjust and adapt with covid.

“The goal of the NHS is just to reach out into the community and into our school and make the world a better place, and just do what we can to help,” Motz explained.