Recent events change political beliefs


Creative Commons image by ABC Eyewitness News

President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden debate over different issues and how they are planning to fix them. Both candidates represent different political views and have varying ways that they want to help the American people.

Morgan Delaney, Online Editor

Often, people’s political beliefs are usually based on how they were raised. However, political beliefs can drastically change due to events that happen in their life and even the news that they watch.

Generally, people’s political beliefs stay the same throughout their life. How strongly someone believes in a certain political party or ideology (Republican or Democrat) is often changed by recent events happening around them.

“There are things that make me more or less willing to believe a certain viewpoint however. Last year, I would have fought hard for textualism. Now that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the face of that ideology in the mainstream, I would be less willing to fight as hard. This applies with many things, a public option for healthcare, the Electoral College, and fiscal conservatism. My views are always changing in their surety, but they usually remain the same,” senior Alex Steil, co-President of Young Democrats, explained.

…our God given inalienable rights are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Nothing else. If you want to achieve something make the right life choices and work for it.”

— Tim Mass

People will change the political party they support based on the financial impact of laws and taxes passed. Healthcare is an important issue for many people in this country, as well as the amount of personal cost associated with any laws that are passed. One of the most debated items in the country is healthcare.

“The rise in the cost of healthcare from 2008-2014 under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)…health insurance became the largest cost in our household. The act was passed into law without being read by the House and was written by a lobbyist. Our health insurance costs more than quadrupled since the Affordable Care Act was enacted,”  Tim Maas COO of local business Miomi Productions said.

People are born with the ability to shape the outcome of their life based on their decisions and actions throughout life. Within the past several years, the media and politicians have worked to convince the public that they should be handed everything and let the government take care of them.

“Our God given inalienable rights are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Nothing else. If you want to achieve something make the right life choices and work for it,” Maas added.

The Democratic party’s move to far left radicalism has encouraged many moderate Democrats to switch to or vote for the Republican party. Many people view the current Democratic agenda as trying to implement Socialism in the United States.

Maas explained, “A Radical left wing agenda promoting a narrative for a political power grab,” has most influenced his political beliefs.

On the other hand, people often disagree that one of the Republican party’s main goal is to ban abortion. They do not like that the Republicans will have that much power over women and that it is one of the conservative’s main goals.

“During the 2018 midterm cycle, I grew very distasteful of people running for office on just one issue. This included… pro-life Republican candidates. I simply do not think that one issue candidates do anyone justice,” Steil said.

Many people find it difficult to declare what political party they belong to or support. Various issues that either party supports such as taxes, healthcare and appointment of judges can sway their support to one side or the other.

“Lower-case ‘democratic,’ yes. We believe in the American democracy and believe that it’s the best model to represent people. Upper-case ‘Democratic’ is a different story. I’m not even sure myself that I’m 100% Democratic, and I’m a co-president of the Young Democrats club. I think that pledging allegiance to any political party, like down-ballot voting, is more anti-democratic than anything else,” Steil added.

People need to look at all the issues for themselves and decide what political party will help them the most. When looking at the facts of this election, it will be one of the most important in our country’s history. People need to get out and vote for the candidate that they believe will do the most good for our country.