Joji drops a new modern album ‘Nectar’ featuring 5 singers

Michelle De Jesus Cruz, Student Playlist Reporter

George Miller, better known as Joji, is Japanese singer/songwriter who released his second album “Nectar” on Sept. 25. He has created an album with mixed emotions with 18 songs, with features from Lil Yachty, Omar Apollo, Rei Brown and Yves Tumor and Benee. Joji wrote the album about struggling with issues like self-worth and romantic relationships.

His other songs have different means to it and music styles. One of his past songs is called “Can’t Get Over You”, and is about how he can’t forget a girl that he wants to be with. A song from his new album, “Slow Dancing in the Dark”, has slow motion beats with the meaning of a girl dancing with him alone in his arms. “Ew” and “Modus” start with a piano beat and then switch to a slow calm beat which is different from other beats. The Nectar album discusses lost love and has a sound that is energetic and trap, but with a calm and peaceful feelingIn the songs that he wrote he uses words that are romantic trying to get a woman to love him. 

A piece from another Nectar song, “Give Me Love,” was all over Tik Tok as a trend as a challenge music video. The music has a steady beat and a  little mix of him rapping.  Out of all his songs, I like “Give me love” because it has a beat that is common in modern music. At the end of the song, the sound changes to sad because of love and leaving it behind. Joji combines all his songs’ topics and beats successfully. Usually it is a struggle for some artists to fit  the lyrics with their beats, but Joji does this perfectly on “Nectar”. This album shows Joji’s clear emotions in the songs through his voice and his beat.