Ticket sales not affected by Snoball’s later date

Alexis Brainard, Online Editor

Photo by Alexis Brainard
Senior Issac Sauer , senior Tucker Farver, senior Celia Gear and friends take pictures in the photo booth during last year’s Snoball dance. The Snoball dance is one of the year’s most popular events, with tickets commonly selling out.

The Snoball dance is coming up on Saturday Feb.1. The dance is available for all grades and is one of the most popular dances of the year. The dance is held in the JX Venue in downtown Stillwater from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“It prepares you for prom and is the most fun dance of the year and it helps make a lot of high school memories,” junior Skylor Gosso said.

Every year tickets sell out and sell out fast. Ticket sales are in every lunch and the dates are posted around the school when the time gets closer. Ticket should be sold the week before the dance which is Jan. 20. all the way to the week of which will end on Jan. 31.

“They post posters a few weeks before the dance and the table to get tickets is always busy. Plus if you want to invite someone to the dance that does not go to Stillwater you can fill out a form when you buy tickets,” Gosso said.

The dance is always held in Stillwater due to the close and easy to find location. Since the dance is held at a later time, most students go out and eat at local shops around town.

“The JX Venue is already decorated with lights so all we have to do is put up some snowflakes to bring a winter feel to it,” Elise Riniker, senior and student council member, said.

The dance is held later in the year than the past years. Although the date was changed, the JX Venue remains busy among students.

“It has been pretty busy the past years I have gone to the dance, I always have a good time and I get to hang out with friends,” sophomore Austin Meis said.

The dance is all put together by student council. They come up with the theme, dates, time and playlists. Student council makes Sboball the best it can be.

I always have a good time and I get to hang out with friends.”

— Austin Meis

“We choose a date for the dance over a year in advance so that availability does not run out. There is a Snoball pod within student council, that specially focuses on getting everything ready for the dance,” Riniker said.

When tickets go on sale, the price varies every week. Students can buy tickets for students who do not attend Stillwater schools. 

“The tickets are not very expensive, but sell out really fast,” Gosso said.

Every year the dance has refreshments available and a photo booth to take pictures with friends. The photo booth is set up by a company named Vickey Weiss Photography and their website is where the photos from the photo booth can be found.

Riniker said, “The JX Event Venue is a perfect place to have a dance for students because it is so close and we always hear great things about Snoball from students.”

Snoball dance is a great place to spend time with friends. Watch for ticket sales to get the best price and get ready to take out those dancing shoes.

“Not much is different from the past years. Snoball is a dance that we like to keep consistent because students love it so much,” Riniker said.