Disney Plus downloads through the roof


Photo by Fiona Stahl

Students spend their free time watching their favorite series on Disney Plus. Many times this is done during FLEX. Seeing students watching this new streaming system allows others to see what it has to hold. This may convince them to subscribe.

Fiona Stahl, Online Editor

The newly released Disney Plus has many individuals gravitating towards it. This leaves other large entertainment companies with less business than before. 

Sophomore Emerson Milby is one of many who have subscribed. A majority join because of the ability to being able to watch shows no longer shown on TV.

“Mostly teens and young adults watch who are trying to go back to their childhood,” Milby said. 

Disney Plus is a new ad-free entertainment streaming system. It features new originals, along with old time favorites. These shows and movies are available to stream from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, 20th Century Fox and National Geographic.

“I thought my siblings were joking at first, but I was kind of excited,” freshman Ashley Shugg said. 

The official launch date was on Nov. 12. The streaming system has offered a free 7-day trial, but without this, the cost is $7 a month. This compares to Netflix starting at $9 a month and up to $16 a month. HBO is another channel with a price more expensive than Disney Plus.

“It is better than Netflix and HBO. They are both way overpriced, so this is definitely the best value,” junior Gavin Carlson explained. 

On the initial release date, the app did experience some glitches. Within a few hours, Disney received about 8,000 complaints over different issues. Through all this, there was no stopping customers. 

“I feel like, as of right now, as of what I know, teenagers watch it a lot because it is the stuff that they watched when they were younger””

— Ashley Shugg

Milby, Carlson and Shugg all explained they had subscribed on either the first day or a few days after. 

Disney has made it easy and efficient to stream by allowing a variety of different devices access, including Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and many more. 

“I like that you can watch on different devices. I watch almost all on my phone, but some on Xbox,” Carlson explained. 

The network is extremely popular, not only because of their showing of “out of the vault” favorites, but also the new originals that have been added only to Disney Plus. Two major ones being the Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Some customers have wondered why not all Disney shows are on the app. 

Milby said she really wishes Disney Plus included the shows Austin and Ally, along with Dog with a Blog. 

The app is already well known and will continue to grow in popularity. Google searches have risen on how to cancel Netflix. Shugg agrees with Milby on who is the main audience. 

“I feel like, as of right now, as of what I know, teenagers watch it a lot because it is the stuff that they watched when they were younger,” Shugg said. 

Disney believes this could be their next big thing. With the network having over 10 million people registered within one week of its release date, this would be no surprise. Disney Plus is a great streaming system for those who typically watch Disney over other channels, but those looking for a range of channels should use Netflix or HBO.