CBD infused in beauty products

Jack Taverna, Social Media Editor

CBD is becoming more common in beauty and skin products such as acne cream, lotion and a variety of makeup products. Many believe that the use of CBD helps with their skin. CBD is a cannabis, and it is found in marijuana, despite not causing a high associated with weed.

Sophomore Allison Carle explained how that she heard that a lot of people are using products containing CBD, and how it is becoming a trend in Beauty products.

CBD can be used in lotion. These lotions are not used to help the skin, but are used to relieve muscle pain on any part of the body.

“I used some lotion on my neck for like stiff muscles in my neck. I used it just one time actually recently. But, it did not have a huge effect on my muscles,” Spanish teacher Christine Smithberg said.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory [no swelling] benefits to the skin. This is why many face face products contain CBD in it.

Junior Mishell Cortez explained that the products she uses that contain CBD helps relieve skin irritation. She explained how these products eliminate many of her skin problems such as dryness and acne.

Despite the increase usage of CBD in products, many still do not know what CBD is, what it does, or how it is used.

Smithberg explained how that she does not know what CBD is, and what products containing CBD can do for her skin. She added that every time she is at the store, she always sees products containing CBD in them.

People are skeptical about using products that contain CBD. This is caused by some negative feedback and reviews on these products.

“Personally, I do not think that beauty products that contain CBD work very well. I only think this because I just haven’t heard any good things from these products,” Carle said.

People have mixed feelings about the use of CBD in beauty products. People either love these products, or they do not at all.

People also encourage others to use products containing CBD Smithberg explained she does not know if she would encourage others to use these products with CBD because of the lack of prior usage

“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve only used it once and I don’t know much about it so I probably would not recommend it without more information about it, but I know some people use it and like it,” Smithberg said.

“I would encourage others to use these products because it really helps with my dry skin, and it helps me have healthier skin. Honestly, it’s really worth it because it feels great. I always get compliments on my skin,” Cortez added.