Kearney’s jiujitsu training pays off

Travis Johnson

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Junior Avery Kearney recently earned his blue belt in Jujitsu.  Jujitsu is a martial art, combat sport and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting.  Jujitsu is originally a Brazilian sport, but it has made its way to the U.S. Avery and his brother Justin are in Jiujitsu together, with full support from their parents.

Jujitsu focuses on taking down your opponent, but in a self defense kind of way. Much like karate, Jujitsu is not taught to harm someone, but to protect one’s self. Kearney practices five times a week, every week. He spends around two hours each day for a total of 10 hours a week.

“We feel it is a very good sport to be in as it teaches self discipline and goal setting, which are both good traits to succeed in life,” said Kearney’s mother.

“Jujitsu is like therapy for me,” said Kearney. “When I’m training, all I think about is Jujitsu.”

Jujitsu does also have competitions, which Kearney participates in with his seven other training partners, although he has over 100 world Jujitsu teammates from other gyms that he also trains with.

“Competition is also a huge reason why I love Jujitsu. I love the feeling of winning a gold medal after you just spent that last six months of your life putting 100 percent effort into intense training,” explained Kearney.

Competitions consist of joint-locks and chokeholds to take down an opponent. Moves that are learned during Jujitsu training can be used in mixed martial competitions, or in self defense. Jujitsu is very intense. Opponents move fiercely around the mats, trying to decide when to make their move. Jujitsu also helps smaller people learn that they can defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent.

Kearny recently earned a blue belt, which is just above the white belt. The highest belt that can be earned is a red belt, but black is most commonly considered the highest. Not very many people earn a red belt. Kearney’s professor, Professor Anderson, recently earned his black belt.

“My main instructor is Master Ranch. I train with him most of the time,” explained Kearney.

Jujitsu students typically only have one or two instructors who they train with on a regular basis. These instructors spend their time teaching students attack and defense moves, and preparing them for competitions. Some instructors are paid and some are volunteer, but they all practice jujitsu frequently.

Avery Kearney is in a very interesting sport, known as Jujitsu. It features competitions that require a lot of training. Kearney is very proud of himself, as are his parents. Jujitsu is something very interesting that not a lot of people know about.