Hot girl summer comes to an end


Photo by Annabel Lantz

Izzy Vittetoe canoes on a lake in Minnesota over the summer. This is what living her version of a “hot girl summer” looks like.

It is tragic that “hot girl summer had to come to an end, but at least ‘Hot Girl Summer’ is a hit. The song caused a lot of talk on the internet and became super popular towards the end of summer when it was released. “Hot girl summer” means girls and guys going around and living their best life. 

“I just don’t care what other people think of me and I’m just doing what I want most of the time,” senior Lily Shayegan said.

The song ‘Hot Girl Summer’ became popular on TikTok and other social media platforms. The song also won an MTV music award for best power anthem, creating a large amount of talk on the internet. 

“It’s a good song… it is you know like an anthem,” Shayegan said.

Junior Izzy Vittetoe said, “I like the beat and the lyrics are good and thought out.” 

This song created a great vibe for summer. But other songs would be great to listen to keep the “hot girl summer” vibe going into fall and eventually winter. To not let the “hot girl summer” feeling die there are so many other good anthem songs out there.

“‘Soulmate’ by Lizzo, actually, anything by Lizzo is an anthem or Beyonce,” are some of the artists considered to be anthem writers, Shayegan said.   

A hot girl summer lifestyle has different meanings for different people. Many guys are skeptical of the topic. Some think it is a power move for women. 

“It’s a good song… it is you know like an anthem,”

— Lily Shayegan

“I feel like hot girl summer is when a girl tries and acts cute and has summer vibes during summer,” senior Owen Kiser said.

People are trying to keep hot girl summer as long as possible because they enjoy feeling relaxed. With many people’s different beliefs of what a “hot girl summer” means, the majority can it is about living your best life.

“I’m just going to keep just loving myself, being myself and doing whatever I want,” Shayegan said.

Both guys and girls were living their best life during “hot girl summer,” being true to themselves, and just enjoying the nice, sweet summer life. Summer has come to an end and a stressful time is coming up with school and the cold approaching. Fall needs a name just like “hot girl summer.”

“I’ve heard about ‘Christian girl fall’, not sure that’s applicable to everyone… ‘Maybe fail your classes fall?’” Shayegan said.

“Hot girl summer” is “just kind of living your best life, slow-burning self-love, just spending time with the girls,”  Shayegan said.