Andrea Kaiser sells paintings at local and online businesses

Ciara Kessel, Camera Editor

16 year old junior Andrea Kaiser started a revolution in her own future. Kaiser started her own online business and in-store business. Selling her paintings in-store at Smith and Trade Mercantile and online has created a booming success. Kaiser has sold her paintings in-store and online since early May. Kaiser started her own business to not only put her name out into the public, but in hopes of making a little money doing what she loves.

Junior Ethan Tischer, Kaiser’s boyfriend, explained what makes her paintings so special and eye-catching,

“She likes to use bright colors. She really likes nature. I’m not sure how to put it but she doesn’t really use dark colors especially dark blues colors in that range.”

— Ethan Tischer

She likes to use a lot of reds, yellows and greens mainly within her paintings,” Tischer said.

Kaiser paints within two different styles, acrylic and oil paintings. Many of her paintings and set styles are oil paintings. Kaiser has used oil paintings for months. They have become her main type of style.

Each painting has its own process. “It does overall depend on size. Because I use oil paint, it sometimes takes days because the paint takes a long time to dry. If I want to do another layer, I  have to wait. Smaller paintings, however, probably only take a couple of days. But there are ones that can take up to a week,” Kaiser explained.

Andrea Kaiser’s art is sold in a shop called Smith and Mercantile in downtown Stillwater. Many people stop in the store to view her work, as well as other artists’.

Her website for her paintings say she has been painting since she was young. She started out with acrylic then transitioned to oil.

Junior Emalee Johnson answered just how long Kaiser has been in this craft. Andrea got really into painting and drawing in seventh grade. “She was really bad at drawing and decided it wasn’t for her. She moved to painting and she was like, ‘yeah I’m great at this!’” Johnson said.

Many artists base their pricing of their paintings off of how expensive the supplies are or how long it takes to create the painting.

Kaiser does the same things with her own paintings, “I use more paint on a bigger painting, it’s more expensive as well as the amount of layers I put on it. So, I guess I kind of just base it off of that,” Kaiser explained.

Artists tend to have a very specific artist they follow to inspire them. It could be a single leaf falling in nature that gives an artist their creativity.

“She really likes Bob Ross, like, a lot. She has a Bob Ross keychain. Every time I’m over there, we’re watching Bob Ross or something like that. There’s no emotional connection as to why she does paint. She just really enjoys Bob Ross and bases it off that,” Tischer said.

Kaiser explains “Right now the plan is just trying to figure out my style. What I want to do. I’m taking business classes right now, and I’m in AP Studio Art. I think those can both help learn more about how to sell things and how to actually get people to come and buy my stuff, but, I don’t really know we’re learning.”