Apple’s newly released iPhone 11 captivates many

Tyrina McCombs

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Creative Commons Image by VUI on Unsplash

Apple’s iPhone 11 has a telephoto (Lens with a longer focus length than standard), an ultra wide and a wide angle lens. The camera can now shoot in 4K and in slow motion.

This year, Apple’s new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are jammed packed with great new capabilities, new designs and features that have captured the attention of many teens. According to Apple, the beautiful glass design on the exterior is the toughest created on any smartphone.

Apple is one of many top hardware and software companies, known for their iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macbooks. The newest iPhone has improved the glass surrounding the camera. 

Junior Sara Abraha wishes she had the new iPhone because “with the 11 your Instagram pictures would become extra wide screen.”

In recent years, many Apple products have becoming extremely popular. “Apple began its rise to dominance in a range of technology areas and established itself as a trendsetter in mobile device,” Lifewire stated.

“I think it’s cool, but that camera is way too big.””

— Andrew Roop

“I think anytime Apple put something out, they have that much attention just because of how popular they became worldwide,” history teacher Jason Caballero said.

Furthermore, the phone comes in new colors including purple, yellow, white, black and red. It has a liquid retina display and has contextual menus with spatial audio, which provides an immersive theater-like sound. The phone also has an elegant glass exterior.

“I think it’s cool, but that camera is way too big,” junior Andrew Roop said. 

The new dual camera system, has an all-new wide camera with a 100 percent focused pixels for faster focus in low light and ultra wide camera with a 125 degree field of view. Night mode comes on automatically when it is dark to brighten photos . 

“I have a friend that has it and she showed me night mode and a bunch of different new ways or techniques for like the camera,“]”Abraha added. 

“Not a lot of people were interested and then a lot of people started getting a phone. So the company’s product increased so that made them even more global, I guess, their productions really increased as well,” Abraha added.