New Samsung phone throws consumers for a bend

Cell phones are always changing, and now there are phone screens that can bend and fold in half. This bendable technology has not been put to use quite yet, but Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Fold in April. This phone would feature a screen on the front like a regular phone, but then be able to unfold into a large seamless screen.

The Galaxy Fold was announced at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Fransisco on Nov. 7, 2018. This has made all the other phone companies rush to create a similar version. A possible concern with all the new technology is whether or not it will catch on.

The foldable phone screen can not be made out of glass because, of course, glass does not bend. Since it is not made of glass, it is more prone to scratches and damage. The phone will not be able to fold flat because the screen would break in two if it did.

“I’ve read that the foldable phone screens aren’t made of glass because it doesn’t bend and that would lead to more scratches and damage,” server admin. and technology specialist Tom Hudson said.

The foldable screen will catch on because all other smartphone innovations have been adopted by the consumers. People are always in a hurry to the next best thing and the newest and greatest technology.

“People always want new technology and new things. Consumers want the next best thing even if it is expensive,” network administrator Joseph Teetzel said.

This phone is an improvement from phones in the past because there is nothing being lost from the old phones. The front screen is there and it folds open into a large screen. The interior screen is of high quality, as well as the front screen. With the two screens, people will be able to have a tablet and a phone as the same device.

“The Galaxy Fold is an improvement from old phones because of the addition of two screens. Having two screens instead of one is better because you can still use the phone as a normal phone with the outside screen, but you can also use it as a tablet with the interior screen,” junior Ethan Gervais said.

Consumers typically latch onto new products with cool features. The public will love this product because it contains many cool features and it is the latest and greatest technology.