Thureson makes history as first junior lacrosse captain


Photo submitted by Cindy Thureson

Junior midfielder Ty Thureson postgame having a laugh. Happy they won and looking forward to the next step of games.

Joe Pearson, Podcast Reporter

Junior Ty Thureson committed to Providence college, leading the lacrosse team as one of the captains. He is the first caption ever to be a junior.

Thureson plays for Stillwater varsity. In eighth grade, he was the leading goal scorer for varsity. Thureson was part of the 2017-2018 season, when they made it the farthest they ever achieved by making it to the section finals against Mahtomedi, but they lost by one.

Thureson said, “I take pride in the captaincy, but it is also something to make me step it up and do my best.”

Thureson hopes for this year to be the first team ever to make it to state for Stillwater. Finally, overcoming the long losing history against Mahtomedi, Thureson is planning on taking this leadership as an opportunity to lead a team into history for the school.

I take pride in the captaincy, but it is also something to make me step it up and do my best.”

— Ty Thureson

Sophomore midfielder Alex Corbett said Thureson worked his butt off and earned everything he received.

Corbett and many other underclassman look up to Thureson for his work ethic and hope to be as good is he is. All the players think Thureson earned every thing he has done and that pushes them to work harder.

They compete everyday because they know that their captain will help lead the way. The players know that Thureson works out at Royalty Sports Performance, a training center for top prospects in sports.

Junior midfielder Logan Bies is “confident in Ty’s leadership ability and trust his decision making” this upcoming lacrosse season.

Thureson has many different qualities to prove that he is a leader, but one of the best qualities is be able to stay calm and not overthink anything. During Thureson’s youth, he led most to all the teams he played for.

Thureson has a winning mindset for the season and confident of himself and the team to make history and prove that the Ponies are not to be messed with.