Backstreet returns to fame with new album ‘DNA’


Photo by Ellsa Ohmann

The Backstreet Boy’s New album “DNA” released Jan 25. The album’s top song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” put this boy band on top, as well as giving them a Grammy nomination. Even though Lady Gaga trumped them at the Grammys, the group was happy and nominated to be there.

Ellsa Ohmann, Layout Editor

With their first album in six years, their first Grammy nomination in 17 years and their first song in the “Hot 100” in 11 years, Backstreet is back alright and they’re here to stay. Going on year 26, the Backstreet Boys (often abbreviated BSB) are back with their new hit album DNA released Jan 25.

The release of “Don’t go breaking my heart” in 2018 got fans pumped up and excited for their new album. The song is nominated at the 61st Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, the quintet’s eighth Grammy nomination, a “surreal” moment for the entire group.

Junior Michael Finch said, “It’s an interesting take on a classic Backstreet sound that incorporates more modern elements. It shows that the band has and is currently evolving, which comes through growth in time.”

Vocalist Brian Littrell told PeopleTV, “It’s about the journey – the journey with our fans, the journey together as a group, because we’ve been through all the highs, and all the lows and we’re still here.”

Many people are curious about how BSB have managed to stay on top and continue to stay so successful over the past 26 years.

The Backstreet Boys are the most successful band of all time with over 130 million records sold. They are among the top five best-selling boy band group of all time. This legendary boy band has given the world some of the most memorable songs over the past decades in addition to the millions of loyal multigenerational fans growing by the day.

Junior Megan Puhrmann said, “Since the 90s they’ve really had a lot of influence, they work really hard and the fact that they can do it at their age and still be successful is an incredible feat, plus Backstreet makes straight bops!”

Many fans are interested in how they came up with the name for this album DNA. The idea comes from the fact that the group uses everybody’s input and creating a collective piece. DNA is a little taste of every member, perfectly unique to them and who they are.

“The concept of DNA is really accepting who you are, you know, we’re all a different piece of this puzzle that makes up what we’ve become over the years,” Littrell said in an interview on the BSB youtube page about their new world tour. 

“They’re just so clever to think of that concept. The music is a perfect representation of what and who they are collectively. There couldn’t be a more accurate name for this album,” Finch added.

The new album DNA is on Billboard at #2 for a reason. The band put a lot of effort, energy, heart and soul into the album and it shows. It combines new modern beats with the typical backstreet sound we all know and love. It’s upbeat and keeps you guessing, there’s a bit of everything for everybody.