President intends to build a wall, a wise move


Creative Commons image through Flickr by Mani Albrecht

Construction of the wall in progress along the border. Only in some areas along the US/Mexican border is there a wall so far.

Cady Solberg, SNO and Social Media Editor

President Donald Trump has been fighting for a border wall between the United States and Mexico since he became president back in 2016. He wants the wall to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking in the United States. The president is trying to do what he believes is the best although as a citizen of the United States, along with many others, it said otherwise. 

As a citizen of the United States and a high school student learning about the government, I believe that there are better options than a wall. Better options including more border patrol instead of a multimillion dollar wall.

To the American citizens, the President is acting in an unpresidential way by doing unpresidential things. Acting in ways such as threatening to call a national emergency because he can’t get funding and doing things like partially shutting the government down. On multiple occasions, he avoided a question a judge asked and then told the judge to leave the room because of his Mexican ethnicity even though he was born in America.

The President submits a budget request to the Constitutional Democrats who are in charge of the large fund that this country has. The current Democrats in charge will not let the President get his wall because it will cost $5.7 billion. Though it is a small part of the $3.8 trillion it still takes a big part of the budget

Approximately 65 percent of citizens that disagree with the wall and Trumps decision to build such a wall. All disagree for relatively the same reason, it is unethical to spend such a large amount of on something that may or may or may not work. In the future, the wall may become irrelevant due to a better relationship with the poorer countries and therefore no reason for a wall separating the U.S. from those countries.

A big part of being a president is looking at polling numbers and looking at what the public wants, and the majority of Americans don’t seem to want it.”

— Ryan Miller

“I feel the wall is not a responsible decision for the President just kind of make it’s not necessarily like a national emergency or crisis,” Student Council President Nikhil Kumaran explained.

The wall was not the only action taken by the President that the citizens, especially those who work for the government, did not agree with. The government shutdown, the longest lasting shutdown so far in American history. The government shutdown lasted a total of 35 days from Dec 22. 2018 to Jan 25, 2019. It lasted 14 days longer than the government shutdown of 1995-1996 that was 21 days long. With the government shutdown, came consequences and many government workers were left without pay.

“My only real thoughts with that I just feel bad for the federal workers that are missing a paycheck and the families that were affected by the shutdown. And I hope that it’s something that doesn’t happen again, at least in the near future,” U.S. History Teacher Mr. Miller said.

A popular opinion of Americans is that Trump shutdown the government for the attention it would bring to him and the wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. Although that is indeed what the shutdown has done, it was not exactly the attention the President wanted as he could not use it in an efficient way. The attention it brought was directed towards the Democrats telling the people why the border wall is not a good idea.

“But in reality, a government shutdown does indeed cause awareness to the situation. We’ve heard a lot about it simply through media, like you can use the power of the government shutdown, to not only try to pass something but also gain an immense amount of attention to a certain problem, which could work in your favor,” Kumaran said.

A President’s role in his country is to listen to the people and try to make the country better by taking action on the people’s thoughts and opinions. A candidate is elected into the high position of president by the people of a country because the people believe the candidate has the potential to change the country for the better. Americans thought Trump would change the United States for the better thus his current position in our government. Trump is so fixed on his wall, he is not listening to the people.

Infographic by Q.C. Ho

“I probably would have compromised earlier if I was really set on the wall. And probably just realize that public support is not behind it, a big part of being a president is also looking at polling numbers and looking at what the public wants that you’re serving, and the majority of Americans don’t seem to want it. So I probably would have changed my mind when I saw those numbers,” Mr. Miller explained.

President Trump has gained himself a reputation for being different from other previous presidents. What makes him so different is he goes to social media, mainly Twitter, to express his thoughts. Approximately 76 percent of Americans see, read and or hear about these tweets. It is believed that he does it to appeal to the younger generations who in the next year or so will have the power to reelect him for another four-year term as POTUS.

[Trump is] “Using any kind of media outlet he can get to increase this media attention within his own constituents and fan base, he’s able to get just get people on board with what he is thinking direct thoughts, also, since he’s just typing away on a keyboard, it’s just straight out of his mind not like lacking a serious amount of censorship,” Kumaran explained.

If America continues to progress as our president imagines with the fear of immigrants, entering the country, stealing our jobs and changing the future of America as we know it today. The president also wants to stop all illegal immigration into the United States. Nearly 50 percent of the immigrants in the United States are here illegally.

[America currently] “reminds me a lot of America just around 100 years ago, when we were coming off of World War One, and we’re very scared of being involved with more immigrants coming into the country and more foreign influence on the country. And we’re kind of looking more inward and we’re worried about the outside world,” Miller explained.

This humanitarian crisis is tearing apart the relationships. Relationships between the United States and the poor surrounding countries that are just looking for help in a time of need. Relationships with the United States and other countries took many years, some even decades, to build up to be strong relationships just to have it torn apart. The border wall and government shutdown were in no way necessary. More border patrol could most likely have the same effect as a wall. More patrol equals more jobs like our president said he would create. That way the shutdown wouldn’t have happened because more people may have agreed.