Identical twins must part ways after graduation to follow different paths

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On November 30 2000, Patricia O’Connor gave birth to two baby girls. That day, indentical twins Maddie and Olivia O’Connor were introduced to this world. The two girls were almost impossible to tell apart. Both contained the exact same features. Bright blonde hair, hazel eyes and alike facial structures.

Growing up, the twins were inseparable best friends, and they did everything together. They attended St. Croix Prepatory Academy from kindergarten to freshman year. Once they finished 9th grade they decided to move to Stillwater area high school together.

“When we moved schools it was hard to adjust at first, but we were in it together, and it was so worth it.” Olivia said. The twins created amazing friends during their first year here. Since then, they have been making unforgettable memories together.

Throughout the years, their relationship has only grown stronger. They are now almost half way through their senior year of high school. Graduation is upon them, which means they will soon have to part ways to follow their own dreams.

“These past two and a half years have been the absolute best years of my life, and they wouldn’t have been the same without my sister and best friend.” Maddie said.

For the next chapter of their lives, The twins are striving towards completely different futures. Maddie is hoping to be a nurse one day, while Olivia is still undecided about what she wants to do in the future. They both are going to be attending college next year. Maddie will be going to Mankato while Olivia will be attending Eau Claire.

“The transition from being together every single day, to not seeing each other as much is going to be very hard. Im  really going to miss seeing Maddie everyday.” said Olivia.

The twins have been making amazing memories together for eighteen years. Soon they are going to begin making new memories in new places. They are going to be living separate lives.

“I think this will make them a lot more independent, but I know its going to be really hard for them and I know they are going to miss each other a lot.” Mother of the twins, Patricia said.

The twins don’t know what it is like to be on their own. For eighteen years they have been relying on each other, and doing things together. Once they move to collage, they are going to have to learn how to on their own. Their mother, Patti believes that this separation will be good for their independence and it will make them grow in ways they never could have imagined. Patti knows for a fact that the twins are going to have a hard time without each other.

“I think the hardest thing for them will be making friends. Maddie and Olivia were always so good at making new friends together. Since they will be going to completely different schools, they are going to making completely different friends, and i think that is going to be rough for them.”

Maddie and Olivia are about to start an amazing chapter of their lives. There will be some down sides to not seeing each other every day, but they know that they will always have each other. The twins are both excited, and also scared for near future.

“This summer will be the best summer ever, but im dreading the end of it because that means i will have to leave my home and my best friend.” said Maddie. The twins are going to make every moment count together until the day they will have to say goodbye.