‘Bumblebee’ film release has audience buzzing

Nick Parent, Podcast Reporter

The new movie Bumblebee from Transformers comes out Dec. 21 and it has people buzzin’. This will be the seventh movie related to the Transformers series. This features the famous well-known character Bumblebee, a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, but also in the film everyone can clearly see some of his friends like the well-known leader of the group Optimus Prime.

This also brings in actor John Cena into the transformers world for the very first time along with the other main actors Hailee Steinfeld and Vanessa Ross.

The movie is about an on-the-run refugee who stumbles along a graveyard in California. Charlie is on the edge of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world walks up to a battled, beaten down yellow Volkswagen Beetle only to find out it is more than just a car. She learns that she does have a big part in the world and becomes to really like Bumblebee to help save the world.

This movie looks like just another superhero movie. Nothing special about it.”

— Remi Nobles

In past Transformers movies, people/fans have said they enjoyed almost all of them. They bring out the creativity in movies and are lead by an amazing director Michael Bay. Every movie has a story behind the story, in this case, it is a refugee seeking for a new life and gets help or hope by just running into a not so ordinary car.

“It looks good, but it seems like it’s going to be predictable in a way,” junior Rachel Bernath said.

It does seem like that in a way, with having a good background in superhero movies. In other words, there is always a bad guy/thing doing something bad and the main character ends up stopping it, saving the world. Just look at any other ordinary superhero film. For example, any “Avengers” movie.

Though everything is set up different and the plot is different, this can still make it a good movie. This movie is suspenseful, which is shown by how the Transformers are fighting for all or nothing. They need to win or the world will be in a bad place forever.   

In this case, it is a refugee finding Bumblebee and miraculous they are ready to take down a lot of villains. It is almost too much to handle, but they are always up to the challenge. The thing is that this might take us for a twist: Will it end well like always or will it end badly like the movie Avengers Infinity War.

“I love it, it seems very interesting and I have always loved these type of movies,” junior Logan Halverson said.

Michael Bay has always cared about the people/fans first. He tries to make it the best, most interesting movie out there every time and he has plenty of money to spend on this one with a movie budget of $102 million. It is also filmed in an outstanding scenery in the city Los Angeles.

“This movie looks like just another superhero movie. Nothing special about it,” senior Remi Nobles said.

In other words, it is boring to watch and very predictable. The picture or action scenes would really have to pull through for this movie to go big. The people nowadays are always expecting new and different things out of Transformers movies and so far they have done that every single time, just watch the past Transformer movies.

The average rating was around 5.5 out of 10 from those 3 people. It is hard to say if it is good or bad. Be the real judge yourself and go grab a ticket with some friends and go see Bumblebee when it comes to theaters on Dec. 21.