Apple rolls out new iOS 12


Photo by Q.C.

Here’s a comparison between Apple’s older(5S, Left) and newer phones(X, Right). Despite being four years apart, both run the latest iOS 12.

Q.C. Huong, Editorial Cartoonist

Straight from Apple headquarters, the iOS 12 replaced the iOS 11.4 as the latest mobile operating system. While not as revolutionary as when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, the iOS 12 brought new features and quality of life changes for Apple users.

Released Sept. 17, the new iOS is default on the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the upcoming XR. This year, the iOS 12 follows the global backlash that occurred late 2017 when Apple admitted to slowing down older phones through software updates. Apple claims the iOS 12 will speed up all apple phones regardless of age, if the phone supports the update.

So far, junior David Beck has had a good experience with the iOS 12 on his five year old iPhone 5S.

Beck said, “It seems like it’s slowed down a couple functions so that it doesn’t suck your battery.”

Beck also expressed anger at Apple for intentionally slowing down older phones.

On Mondays I am gone from six in the morning to four in the afternoon and then from five to 9:30. I need my phone to be charged the whole day.”

— David Beck

“I rely on my phone a lot for my location, for calling my parents,” Beck said. “On Mondays I am gone from six in the morning to four in the afternoon and then from five to 9:30. I need my phone to be charged the whole day.”

This year’s update introduced Screen Time, which allows users and their parents to see how much time they spend on their phone.

Beck said, “It’s always fun to see, did I spend four hours yesterday? I spent 17.”

For many iPhone users, the iOS 12 brought minimal changes to everyday use.

Junior Jewels Belisle, user of the latest iPhone X currently priced at $899, said,”It feels like it works all the same.”

Similarly sophomore Adam Guinee said, “It’s a little better, but you know, not to the point where it is great.”

Belise experienced Apple slowing down phones firsthand.

She said, “Before I had the X I had the 5C and that ran so much slower than the X. I had it when the 8 came out, and it started going slower. And then the 10 came out and it ran even slower.”

On the same issue, Guinee said slowing down older phones, “is just stupid, greedy and wrong.”

Guinee and his sisters continue to use Apple despite the controversy and has no intention to switch in the near future.

He has considered switching to Android many times, but said, “Apple is more convenient, easier to use, has more stuff that just comes with it.”

He added, “They do some shady stuff but they also do good stuff. I mean, their products are pretty good.”

Apple users who have not already should update to the iOS 12. While it did not change the fundamentals, the update brings users the latest Apple features. However some users of iMessage have experienced issues of multiple individual conversations being merged into one.