Bohacek expresses passion for photography

Luke Higgins, Distribution Reporter

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Senior Carl Bohacek has a passion for taking interesting shots with his camera drone. He takes both handheld and aerial photos. He mainly works solo, but sometimes works with friends who are also into photography.

His passion for photography is truly something to see. Bohacek said he’s been into photography for as long as he can remember having a personal device with a camera, such as an iPod or iPhone. His father who is a videographer is the one who got him into taking pictures. He loves looking at a photo and seeing so much more than just that.

Most camera drones like the one Bohacek uses cost between $800-$2000. Bohacek uses the DJI Mavic pro drone, which cost him around $900.

“For a year and a half that’s all I saved my money for,” Bohacek said.

For editing, Bohacek usually spends from thirty seconds to one hour on one photo. The time it takes him to edit a photo mostly depends on what kind of photo it is. Bohacek mentioned he could spend several hours editing one photo. But on some photos he is pleased with how they are with no editing at all.

Bohacek also has a twin sister named Siri who sometimes helps Carl with his pictures. Being Carl’s sibling can be frustrating at times, like when he needs her to help him with a photo late at night.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in some really cool position with a sorta photojournalist type thing.”

— Siri Bohacek

“He woke me up at 11:30 at night, when we were in Montana, made me pull on a sweatshirt and go outside so I would be his silhouette so he could take pictures of the Milky Way. And I was pissed, But the picture was super cool,” Siri explained.

A lot of people will look at a photo and think “wow that’s cool,” but most photographers do not just take pictures to get cool shots. They see something more.

“I love that fact that that intangible quality of photography, not just the physical subject but like the mood and the tone that you can capture,” Bohacek said.

Bohacek went out every chance he got when he got his drone. Not having a driver’s license didn’t slow him down.

“Every weekend I would go on a long bike ride. Fly it somewhere, get some cool pictures, edit it down, post it on Instagram. And I just love the unique perspective that you get from those straight down shots and the videos you can take and get places you could never get on foot. And I just think that’s, that’s just so cool,” Bohacek said.

“I think with his people skills and his kind of photography and his knack for writing; I really wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in some really cool position with a sorta photojournalist type thing,” Siri Bohacek stated.

Check out some of Carl Bohacek’s photos on his Instagram @Carlofthewild.

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