Classic Disney films transcend time

Hannah Boardman, Layout Editor

The first Disney movie was released in 1923, and ever since the world could not get enough. Since that cartoon, Walt Disney Studios has released countless popular films and TV shows. Many are considered modern day classics and the term Disney has become its own genre of sorts. Disney movies are beloved over many generations and many people have personal favorites that they feel strongly about. For some it may be “Beauty and the Beast”, or “Aladdin”, or even “Lilo and Stich”, but the best Disney movie by far is “Mulan”.

Over the years, Disney has released many movies and there are often disputes over which one is the best. Everybody has their favorites, and it’s often hard to tell which is actually the best.

Mulan“, the best Disney movie, was released in 1998, and it was the first Disney movie to feature an Asian woman. She was also the first Disney princess who was independent and didn’t rely on a man to save her. She entered the army to save her father and as a result she ended up saving China. She shows young girls that they can be strong and that’s important.

Sophmore Anna Krusinski said, “I think the Disney name is so well known, and everyone has high expectations for it so the movies are the one’s people will go out of their way to see.”

“Beauty and the Beast” is number two on the list of best Disney movies. It is a timeless classic with something for everyone. There is action and a villain and even a romance. There are funny characters such as Lumiere and Chip, and the songs are unforgettable. There is also a new version of the movie coming out, a live-action version. The upcoming movie is bringing new life an old favorite.

“Good music is what makes a good Disney movie,” junior Alex Gast said. “The best and most memorable movies are the one that have the best songs that you can jam to.”

In third place comes “Aladdin“. Although it does not rank as high, it is still many people’s favorite Disney movie, and for good reason. All the characters come together to tell a mystical story of a far off land. There is magic, comedy and even tigers. The best character in the movie is Genie, because he is funny and lighthearted, but he also cares about Jasmine and Aladdin. He is a lovable character that many people see as the highlight of the movie.

“Disney movies can take a cliche story and make it interesting,” Krusinski said. “They teach lessons with a deeper meaning.”

Good music is what makes a good Disney movie.”

— Alex Gast

“The Little Mermaid” comes in fourth, but only a little after Aladdin. This movie is great and has an amazing soundtrack. Flounder and Sebastian are wonderful character’s and they really make the movie enjoyable, but Genie has got the beat by the slightest bit.

“My favorite Disney movie is ‘The Little Mermaid,” Gast said. “It was my favorite movie when I was a little girl and still is today. It has funny sidekicks and great music, two of the most important components.”

“Snow White” comes last on this list because, even though it is one of the first Disney princess movies, there are some far superior. Although this movie has many redeeming qualities, it does sometimes get a little dull. The characters are good as a whole, and the Evil Queen is one of the best villains of all time, there are some times when it feels like it’s dragging on. Overall, however, it is a classic Disney movie that is beloved by many, which is why it earned the last spot on this list.

“Disney is so popular since it can appeal to any age demographic,” senior Gabe Idusogie said. “It represents child-like innocence while leaving room for adults to embrace their inner child.”

Disney movies will forever be iconic, and although everyone has different favorites, everyone can agree that there is nothing better. There is almost always something for everybody, whether it be action, romance or comedy, Disney has it all. If you want to feel like a kid again or just want to see a quality movie, Disney is the first place to look.