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Lush products offer natural beauty products

January 7, 2017

Andria Barrett, Bella Anderson, Valerie Silbernick


Lush cosmetics are booming among teenagers. Their products are full of essential oils, flower petals, and minerals.

This company sells from a variety of handmade bath and body products including, natural soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, fragrances and specialty products. Their most bought item is the bath bomb, which come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes smells.

“Whenever I buy bath bombs I always get them from Lush, I love the variety of smells. I am always trying new ones, I have never found one I do not like,” senior Mckenzie Claypool said.

A trend among teenagers is dropping a bath bomb into bath water and taking a picture once it starts to dissolve. It becomes fizzy as it emerges in the water and sometimes changes the color of the water.

All of their products are made out of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. They only buy from companies that do not test on animals. Lush is able to keep their products so fresh is by using little to no preservative packaging. All products also show when they were made and when to use by.

“I use the face masks that Lush has because they are organic which I love, also I think it kind of gives my face a nice glow once I wipe them off,” sophomore Lauren Friederichs said.

Bath bombs, further known as bath fizzies are a hard-packed blend of mostly dry ingredients like, baking soda. They are designed to add scent and color to bathwater. Bath bombs are meant to let people have a relaxing experience with bath salts and nice fragrances.

“I went to the Mall of America on Black Friday and decided to stop into Lush because of their sales. Most of the stuff I use was buy one get one which was great for me,” Friederichs said.

Right before Black Friday Lush debuted a new bath bomb. They partnered with AccessNow, which is an organization that defends digital rights. The bath bomb is called Lush Error 404 and it is a product with a message.

These two organizations are helping to aid the fight against internet shutdowns imposed by the government. Lush is hoping to raise at least $300,000 for this global campaign. One hundred percent of the earnings are going to be donated to AccessNow.

Facemasks are also a big seller at Lush. They are made with butters, fresh fruit, vegetables, clays and essential oils. Each ingredient used in all their products is specifically chosen for its mask and they each has a description of what its effects are on your skin and mind. “So many colors, smells, sizes, and shapes to choose from,” Claypool said.


Lush’s broad collection of bath bombs sold at their Mall of America location in Bloomington. “For each holiday Lush has different types of seasonal items and they come out with new ones often,” says Claypool.

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