‘The Rouge One’ takes on theatres

Corey Quick and Paul Wieland holding Star Wars themed bangs.

Gideon Bimpey

Corey Quick and Paul Wieland holding Star Wars themed bangs.

Gideon Bimpey, Social Media Reporter

The Star Wars franchise has never failed to disappoint its fans, and it plans to add to the legend and possibly top it with the latest installment, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.

The Star Wars Franchise started in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hope. Since then, the Star Wars series has boomed into a cult classic for Sci-Fi movies. It has gained a huge fanbase, having been going on for almost three generations. They have gone through three reboots so far, Episodes I-III, and episodes XII-IX. This next reboot will star with the new installation, Rouge One.

Many people loved the Empire Strikes Back because of it’s iconic Darth Vader and Luke  Skywalker scene. It’s the first thing people think of when they hear Star Wars.

Empire Strikes Back is my favorite one. It had some darkness, it had some dialogue to it. ‘Luke[No], I’m your Father?” Science Teacher Ben Straka said, “ Is there any bigger twist than that? Who saw that coming? Even Mark Hamill, the actor of Luke, didn’t know Darth Vader was his father. It also has the Hoth scene which reminds me of Minnesota winters, so it reminds me of home.”

The last installment of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, was in instant box office hit with an estimated $2.068 billion in profit. It follows the journey of Finn, an ex-stormtrooper, and Rey, a scavenger, who are set out to help Han Solo and Chewbacca find Luke Skywalker.

“It’s just the very first Star Wars again. I like the fact that Disney owns it because we’ll get more movies. I get that they have to keep introducing the story to the new generation of kids, so I understand why they had to do a reboot. It felt and should feel like a Star Wars movie. I really enjoyed it, I watched it three times in one day,” English Teacher Corey Quick said.

It’s speculated that the new movie, The Rogue One, will be the one to top the rest. Many people have already bought premiere tickets. It might be a bigger box office hit than the last movie.

“I don’t think it’s true. I think they might do something similar and repeat what they did in the seventh and try to make things seem awesome. People will be like ‘Oh I saw this in the last Star Wars!’ and it gives them a reminder, but it won’t be it’s own unique thing.” junior Jon Busse said.

“My expectations are super high for it.” Straka said. “It breaks the mold of every star wars movie ever told. All the other Star Wars movies are single hero that’s fighting against this big unstoppable force. They use light sabers and everything. This next one coming up looks to be just raw war and you don’t have quite the hero yet. It totally changes the way the Star Wars franchise has been viewed. I think it’s gonna be the one to top all the rest.”

Quick grew up watching Star Wars and was 8 years old around the time of it’s debut in 1977. He even played with Star Wars toys before the movie came out. When asked if he thought the new movie would impact this generation, he said “I don’t think it’s gonna change the franchise, it’s just too good. They’ll just keep it the same, just the the Fast and the Furious series. I’ll just keep watching it.”

There is no doubt that Star Wars is arguably the most iconic series of all time. It has been going on for nearly 40 decades, parents, their children, and their children have all been fans of the franchise at one point. It will be a cult classic forever and the legend will never die out.