Battlefield One, more realistic experience for players

Battlefield One released Oct. 21, and after about a month it has done considerably well both with the gaming community and sales-wise.

The game itself centers on a more realistic experience for players, which has definitely been noticed. It takes place in the First World War era, which coincedently is what the gaming community has been asking for, instead of farther into the future. Many of its characteristics set it apart from other games of this genre, such as a destructible environment, real-like recoil and a variety of controllable vehicles.

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To develop such a complex game, EA DICE went through a tremendous amount of research and development. An example of this would be the game’s Beta that was released to allow players to get a feel for the game, and to give the developers feedback on strengths, weaknesses, problems and first impressions.

With a step taken such as this to develop a game, it really increases the overall quality of it and interest as well, which no doubt has been shown in this first month in terms of sales and community reactions. To show this, somewhere around 300 thousand people have played the game across all three playable platforms on average per day. Those platforms being the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

A special factor affecting the quality of Battlefield One concerns the platform in specific. When developing the game, EA DICE had to take into account which platforms should be used to play it, which allowed them to greatly expand the capacity, graphics and overall quality of the game.

The Xbox One and PS4 are the newest versions of consoles to play on, and they allow sophisticated games to be played on them, in contrair to an older console such as the Xbox 360, which would not have enough capacity to run a game such as Battlefield One.

Now focusing on the game itself, players see many characteristics of it that set it apart from other games of similarity. The variety of vehicles that that can be controlled, such as tanks, trucks, planes, trains and even a Zeppelin! Also, the maps themselves are considerably larger than those of games in the similar genre such as Call of Duty, leading to longer games and a capacity for more players in-game.

Sophomore Ben Carle said,”It takes place in an older era, which I like but also the games themselves are longer, and contain a decent amount of people.” Carle played the game when it was out as a free Beta, but hasn’t made the investment in the game itself yet.

Compared to COD, [Battlefield One] is more realistic because the bullets drop over distance, and there is more recoil on guns. Also, Battlefield has a destructible environment (Frostbite Engine) that really helps me enjoy the game.”

— Addison Stansbury

Looking at both Call of Duty Infinite warfare and Battlefield One, there are some similarities between them, but mostly differences. The structural components of gameplay stay similar through the games, like the basics of having a player who traverses the map to kill other players. There are some other similarities, but for the most part it stops there. Infinite Warfare is set in a futuristic time period, while Battlefield One takes place in The Great war era of the early 20th century. Because of this time difference, virtually all of the guns in these games differ, as well as maps and customization features on players. Along with maps, Infinite warfare has considerably smaller maps than those of Battlefield One.

Sophomore Addison Stansbury, gaming enthusiast, saw this as a difference between Infinite Warfare and Battlefield One,”Compared to COD, [Battlefield One] is more realistic because the bullets drop over distance, and there is more recoil on guns. Also, Battlefield has a destructible environment (Frostbite Engine) that really helps me enjoy the game.”

Game enthusiasts such as Stansbury are very common in the gaming community, and it takes a considerable amount of commitment to have this title. On average, Stansbury says that he puts in 10 hours per week playing the game, and Carle said six to eight hours. This amount of commitment shows the widespread enjoyment of the game, that allows these players to play for hours on end without boredom.

The game has many characteristics that set it apart from other games of its genre, such as the superior graphics, interactive environment, customization possibilities and map size as well as time period. It is a well developed game, and players would agree that anyone who is interesting in first-person shooter games would enjoy Battlefield One.