Jack Lange’s photography progresses with age

Plenty of people consider photography to be a hobby, but not many possess a passion or dexterity quite like junior Jack Lange does. His Instagram account made specifically for photography, called jtnovo, attracts hundreds with his keen eye for that perfect shot.

Since beginning the account in Feb. 2014, Lange has snapped a wide display of everything from hot air balloons, horses, to his good friend and partner Hannah Brown. Also a junior, Brown shares Lange’s passion and the duo oftentimes take pictures together.

“We liked the idea of spreading thoughts through pictures,” Brown said. “I’m in his pictures because I’m almost always there learning from him.”

Though his finished products appear on his follower’s Instagram feeds so effortlessly, the process behind Lange’s impressive collection of photos is quite laborious. When Lange and Brown head out to take pictures, they sometimes leave as early as four in the morning to precisely utilize the sun’s natural touch on photos.

I like taking pictures of whatever catches my eye, but I want more of the art.”

— Jack Lange

“The most difficult part is waking up for it,” Brown explained. Sometimes [leaving early in the morning] leads to forgetting some of your gear, and that can be heartbreaking.”

When his interest in photography arose in seventh grade, Lange used the camera on his iPad mini to take pictures. In the four-plus years since, he has acquired a Canon 5D and begun posting masterpieces on Instagram. Social media has provided a unique outlet not only to showcase his work, but to exhibit his growth as a photographer as well.

“I post them [on Instagram] as more of a record of how I improve,” Lange said. “I try not to let myself think the quality is affected by how many ‘likes’ there are.”

Though he does not like to dwell on the narcissistic side of Instagram, Lange’s account is well-populated and enjoyed by many. One of Lange’s “followers,” junior Sintra Nichols, recalls her reaction when she initially saw Lange’s photography.

“I was really glad that he had a platform where he can actually showcase everything he was doing,” Nichols said.

For both Lange and Brown, social media can be a source of disappointment. Brown and Lange expressed similar feelings towards posting picture, which is that sometimes the amount of “likes” received on a picture betray how they felt about that photo.

“[‘Likes’] can make a picture that you were really proud of at one point seem weak, or not as good as your other ones,” Brown explained.

McKenzie Bohlig, Payton Filipiak and Maddy Baker

Despite the oftentimes puzzling response from social media, Lange and Brown laid Instagram for providing a platform to share their photography and network with others who have the same passion.

“Sharing something you worked really hard for is always rewarding,” Brown stated. “Jack and I wouldn’t have been drawn into photography without Instagram.”

Lange agrees with Brown, as well as credits Instagram for the ability to introduce himself and his work to other photographers. Social media has allowed Lange to discuss technique and such with photographers he admires, which helps improve his skills.

“I can talk with people who have super cool pictures and learn about that,” he said.

Always striving to be a better photographer, Lange is now focused on expanding his collection to include more portraits in addition to his wide array of landscape photos.

“I want to get more creative with my pictures,” Lange explained. “I like taking pictures of whatever catches my eye, but I want more of the art.”

The public anxiously awaits Lange’s photos as he continues to improve as a photographer.