The importance of political correctness, to an extent

September 23, 2016

Political correctness or, the avoidance of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. Is a big deal to 68 percent of the population in the U.S., The other portion believe that it limits their right of free speech. In the current day and age a proper amount of political correctness should be practiced to the extent of not limiting people’s right to express themselves and their ideas.

Most people feel political correctness is an important part of society and needs to be practiced by everyone, It should be treated as an act of common curtesy. “To be a decent person you need to respect people, know their pronouns and not use derogatory terms.”  said sophomore Anna Kruzinski. People should be able to feel safe and accepted in school and society around them, it is their right as human beings.

The level of political correctness used is important depending on the social setting. “The setting dictates how we should dress, how we should speak and how we should protect ourselves and our ideas” said U.S. government teacher Roger Stipple. For example a person may act differently at school around their classmates than they do at home or around their friends.

In some situations the outside pressure of political correctness can inhibit free speech. “There should be no political correctness, because how am I supposed to express myself and my ideas with so many obstacles in my vocabulary?” said sophomore Charlie Hazelroth. This can be a problem for some people when they are in a public setting. “There’s been times I’ve wanted to say something, but couldn’t because I didn’t want to offend anyone.” said Charlie. Many people believe that their most important human right is freedom of speech.

There are some people on the complete other side of the spectrum who believe people do not have a right to feel offended or are entitled to have people around them are about their feelings. “

Nobody has the right to not be offended. That right does not exist.”

” said Novelist Salman Rushdie. In America everyone has the choice not to be offended, not the right.

Political correctness is often an issue for different diverse groups being accepted in society . “I don’t know anybody that wants to be tolerated. I don’t want to be tolerated. Just the mere use of that word implies that if I tolerate you my beliefs are better than yours, my ideas are better than yours, but I’ll tolerate yours.” said Roger Stipple. People should be respected and accepted not tolerated, and it doesn’t matter who they are. “All people are truly  equal, and their ideas should be held in the same esteem as anyone else, no matter their origin, their religious belief, their gender, whatever it might be.” said Roger Stipple.

Political correctness is important to people because it can protect their feelings and make them feel safe in society. To many people being accepted by their peers is important. with political correctness and kindness they can be accepted as valued members of society. It doesn’t matter who, what or where they are they have a right to feel accepted. Some people feel political correctness inhibits free speech. That is true in some cases but free speech includes vulgarity and racism, things that shouldn’t be a part of society. When its comes to the basic importance of political correctness and how it should be used it is simple. There should be balance in speech.  People should be able to speak freely and express themselves and their ideas, while being careful and thoughtful enough to acknowledge their fellow human being. Be expressive but not hateful and vulgar.


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