Class comedy club begins meetings


Juniors Lucan Braun and Wyatt Roth lead a club meetin

The benefits of attending a large high school include an unlimited buffet line of extracurriculars: all forms of athletics, theater, art club, Amnesty International and even KPOP club. Every student is able to hand pick activities he or she enjoys most, and there is usually something for everyone. The class comedy club, formed just a few weeks ago for students with a good sense of humor, is the newest addition to this array of choices and seems off to a successful beginning.

The club was created by junior boys including Lucas Braun, Noah Jakupciak and Wyatt Roth and hosts meetings every Thursday. The founders plan to teach members different kinds of comedy, and maybe in the future provide entertainment for the school. For the first meeting, about 30 students attended.

We want to learn types of comedy, and maybe perform every once in a while and build up the club.”

— Wyatt Roth

The idea for the club began initially within the group of junior boys, and they were able to propose their idea to Athletic Director Ricky Michael and Principal Rob Bach to gain approval. They knew they wanted to be in a club with all of their friends, but were unsure of exactly what. There were no other clubs that they were interested in, so that led them to form their own. They realized comedy was a constant in all of their lives, and decided to formulate the club off that.

Junior and club member Mitch Banken said, “We always tell jokes to each other and enjoyed the times we had, so we figured we’d get other people in on it.”

The boys are interested in keeping the club around permanently, and the attendance of their first meeting showed a high level of interest. Advertising methods consisted of posters around the school, as well as friends inviting friends to the meeting. Juniors, as well as sophomores attended, curious to learn comedy, or to step out of a familiar comfort zone. The founders want the club to be a fun way for people to learn comedy and meet other people.

Junior and founder Wyatt Roth said, “We want to learn types of comedy, and maybe perform every once in a while and build up the club.”

The club will also help foster social progress and a way for students to have fun with one another. Since it was formed by a group of friends, socialization and mingling will be a large part of the club. This may help students become more familiar with others, and encounter friends they may never would have before.

Roth said,”We want to bring people together, give them peers that they can learn with and have fun with.”

The most common type of comedy the club has explored so far has been roasts. These are meant to be casual ways for the members to interact with one another, and get to know all of the members. This type of comedy requires them to have thick skin, something many of them are developing as it goes on. There are several students in the club who do not usually demonstrate outgoing qualities, but joined regardless.

Junior Jane Moore is not usually comfortable being in front of people, speaking or performing. She told her father that she was joining the club and he was surprised at the sudden confidence she displayed.

Moore said, “He asked me what it was about, and thought it was super cool that I had joined. He was proud that I joined.”

The class comedy club that was originally created for a group of friends to spread comedy has also allowed some students to be more comfortable with speaking publicly and having stage presence. The newness of the group leaves a lot of it’s future undecided, however the interest seems to be enough to keep it going.

Banken said, “We want to bring the school together through laughter and comedy.”