University of Minnesota voted among ugliest campuses


Photo by Alec Youngblood

The University of Minnesota’s industrial look is off-putting to many. Nevertheless, the U of M offers excellent education.

Olivia Flicker

When it comes to deciding what college to go to, most will think of  the quality of education they gain from the school of their choice. The appearance of the school campus might affect part of the decisions for certain students, but is probably not the biggest influence on their choice.

The University of Minnesota Minneapolis has been ranked as one of  the 13 ugliest college campuses by Travel and Leisure magazine. Some think that it looks too industrial and all it needs are some smoke stacks to make it look  like a factory. However, most, if not all, of the campuses ranked had an industrial or factory look to them.

Even though, the University of Minnesota is not the prettiest college, it is unlikely this would affect students decisions on whether or not they should attend the college of their choice.

“I don’t think students should care whether or not the building is ugly. I think they should focus on the education the school provides,” said sophomore Jordan Sivigny.

Most students do not base their decision on which college to attend because of the aesthetics, but people do not want to go to a college that looks like a prison or a factory. The University of Minnesota would be open to doing a little remodel, but with 30,000 students attending the college annually it is simply too difficult for such a renovation to take place.

“Frankly I’m a little surprised. The University of Minnesota is much nicer now than it was 20 years ago,” said French teacher Mary Ellen Kasak-Saxler. “It is kept up much better now and the college has a view of the city. I hope this would not affect students decisions and answers.”

The education for most of the colleges put on this list are known for the schooling they offer. For example, New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, New Jersey, is known for being a “crown jewel” when it comes to the technology institutes in the state. The University of Minnesota is another example of  the schooling being great universally for all fields of study, but has an unattractive look to the eye.

“The University of Minnesota really is in the middle of the city, which is difficult to maintain, obviously,” said junior Trevor Witt, “but just improved maintenance and attention could really do a lot of good.”

Although the University of Minnesota is not the most attractive campus it does not mean that the education level there is not ranked highly, as with several other unattractive colleges. Students should make their decision on what they believe is important for attending a school, and the architecture could possibly be a reason.