Third political party possible for next election

Shenyn Gale, Photographer

3rd Political Party SG
Infographic by Shenyn Gale

More is always better in politics

When thinking about politics, some would think of the two major parties, the Democratic and Republican party. Not many think about a third party and few know of a third party. The question still remains, should there be an official third party.  With more and more people  straying away from the normality of the Republican and Democratic sides and finding a place in the middle, an Independent party should be known and identified as third official party.

An Independent party is a political party that is not a part of either the Democrat or Republican parties and has strong views against them, but also has some similar views. They believe in the true meaning of this country’s independence, which is less government control and emphasizing the rights that were supposed to be guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and the counties constitution.  They also believe in the inalienable rights such as, life, liberty and property. The Independent party believes that it is the government’s duty to protect all of the rights and the people.   

Democrats have strong beliefs in equality.  They believe that people should not have to worry about religion, orientation, ethnicity, or race when pursuing an education or any overall goal.  This is done by less government control regarding the social and equality aspect. The Democratic party also believes in standing up for the working class or blue collar workers.  This is achieved by more government involvement in the economic standpoint. They believe in taxing according to your income.  The lower class pays less than the middle class, the middle class pays less than the upper class.  It all depends on how much they make.

Social studies teacher Roger Stippel said, “The Democratic party is generally liberal. This means that on issues such as abortion and gay marriage, it is the individual’s  liberties and rights to believe the way they want.   They believe it’s not job for government to set moral conducts for behavior, the individual should get to decide what you want to do in those situations.” He goes on to talk about the government when he said, “the government needs to be engaged,  reason is because we have an inequitable playing field, the haves have continued to benefit while the have nots have continued to fall farther behind.”

A third political party would be great, so would a fourth and a fifth.”

— Corey Quick

On the other hand, the Republican party is more of a conservative party than a liberal party. They strongly believe in maintaining the traditional morals and values such as not having children outside of marriage and marriage is forever, no divorce. The Republican party is very family centered. From the economic standpoint, they believe lowering people’s taxes and avoid government regulators that take the taxes. Government should not have a say in minimum wage and worker payment with no overall government regulations.

Junior Maggie O’Reilly said, “The Republican party is strongly based on individual rights, they believe in justice and general values. With the differences in taxing, you tend to see in the Democratic party more taxes for the rich. In the Republican party, they favor a flat tax, so each person pays the same amount of taxes regardless of their wealth.”

Unlike the Republican and Democratic parties, the Independent party would not take a stance in social issues.  They believe in allowing candidates to have their own social platform, and that, life is entirely up to them, it is your right. When it comes to the economy they believe in a term called “Free Enterprise” which is when a corporation is free from state control. Lower taxes allows you to keep more of your money you earn making it easier to not only buy a home but to start a business forming a stronger economy.

English teacher Corey Quick said, “A third political party would be great, so would a fourth and a fifth.” He went on to say, “ Whenever you only offer only two options people are limited, and we start to believe there are only two choices. Having a third a fourth and a fifth, this would help government become more responsive to the people.”

Though there could be a downside to this political view. The effect this would have on voters would not be a good one. For example say there are, 301 voters, 100 of them are Democrats, 100 of them are Independent and 101 are Republican. Here, the Republican Party  would win because they had more votes individually even though the other two had the majority. The 101 people that support Republicans versus the 200 voters that are against them. Even with this downfall of a third party, the positives still outweigh the negatives, therefore, a third political party is absolutely necessary. Plus only having two political parties to represent the views of 318.9 million people that live in the United States is not enough, what about the people who see negatives with both Democratic and Republican parties there should be a third option.