Golf works around weather restrictions

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Golf works around weather restrictions

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This spring weather has taken a toll on all spring sports. The girls golf team has come up with some fun and hard working ways to have practice and team bonding.

With the sun now shining the team has been able to have its first outdoor match, held on May 29. State for this team has happened often in the past and the girls are hoping they can make it happen once again this year.

The team has become a very close knit group of girls over the past couple years.

Junior Rachel Billingsley explained, “I like how good of friends our whole team is, we all get along really well, support each other and help each other. We are like family, which makes practice really fun.”

The snow and coldness has really put a downer on the outdoor season but the girls still found ways to practice.

“We have been stuck in a dome hitting balls. Its a bummer bit we’ve been able to work  on our stroke, which is nice. We’ve had to postpone a lot of our matches. Its kind of been discouraging but now that we are outside its much better,” said Billingsley.

The past weather had also dampened the moods of the team, to bring it up they decided to have some team bonding to lift their spirits.

Sophomore Erin Thiets explained, “We went rock climbing and we also have pasta every week.”

Golf is a very complex sport and it takes a lot of confidence and practice to become a good player.

“What I like most about golf is that it is a mental game and it takes a lot of mental strength to push through the hard times,” said Thiets.

The girls have been working together on fundraisers to help make funds for the team.

Billingsley said, “We have been selling popcorn a lot at school. We also have a cub bagging session setup and we are doing other fundraisers like Pampered Chef.”

Every high school athlete has the dream of making it to state in the sport they love.

Thiets said, “My hopes for this season is to make it to state. If not as a team, I would love to go as an individual but as a team would be way better.”

“I think a couple of our individual players have a very good shot at state. Our team will need to work very hard to make it to state but it can happen,” said Billingsley.

Now that the team can finally be outside and on the course it is becoming more obvious of their good season that lies ahead of them.