Senior selected to represent Minnesota at Boston conference

Emalyn Brandt, Copy Editor

Senior Colleen Jordan knew since her 8th grade year of school that she wanted to lead a career in the medical field when her teacher blew up raccoon lungs with a straw. She has worked to earn her nomination from one of her former high school teachers for The Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston, MA.

The program is a conference that will be held in Boston, MA in June of 2016. It is a way for students who already show high potential for medical science to get connections and scholarships and other opportunities for advancement in the medical field.

Nominees who are hand selected by Dr. Robert Darling get the experience to talk with Nobel prize winners, top physicians in the country, the dean of admissions at the top medical school in the United States, people who are living medical miracles such as the woman who had the first facial transplant, and they get to watch a live surgery.

There is a Congress of students that will be meeting at this event, and Jordan will be representing Stillwater Area High School as well as the state of Minnesota. Only a couple thousand students in the United States are selected each year, no more than one student from each high school. Most schools in the country will not have any students picked.

As intensive and laborious work this journey may be to go as far as getting nominated certainly did not do it alone, with moral support from friends and family it made all the difference to her.  Her parents provide Jordan with a supportive environment at home and are very supportive of her career choice to become a doctor.  Jordan has been accepted to three different colleges, with provided financial support from her parents.  Though Jordan struggles to figure out where she will be going to school in her near future.

Jordan’s father Robert Jordan said, “Over the years we’ve helped with homework and encouraged her in her school work and activities and we also are helping her sort out college options.”

Jordan is a full-time PSEO student at Century College and take a wide variety of classes at Century, mainly focusing on science based classes. Jordan takes very challenging classes, all being college regulated, by the end of the 2015-2016 school year she will have 47 college credits.

Jordan said, “I’m taking a lot of different classes but my training to become an EMT is probably one of my coolest classes I’m enrolled in. At the end of this school year I will be nationally certified as an EMT meaning I can work for hospitals in ambulances.”

Focused, bright and determines students like Colleen Jordan are our future and she deserves all the mentoring and guidance we can give her.”

— Richard Rossi

Jordan hopes in 5 years she will be at a medical school, and hopefully because of this award she wishes to end up at a top 10 medical school. In 10 years she wants to accomplish her goal of doing surgical residency with a trauma specialty.

Richard Rossi, Executive Director, National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Students said, “This is a crucial time in America when we need more doctors and medical scientists who are even better prepared for a future that is changing exponentially. Focused, bright and determines students like Colleen Jordan are our future and she deserves all the mentoring and guidance we can give her.”

With Jordan’s crazy work ethic she no doubt will be one of the many successful medical leaders in the country.  As former teacher Doug Long said, “She is a great student and has a phenomenal work ethic which is bound to take her far. Colleen always came into class prepared and ready to learn and do work.  I couldn’t think of one person who deserves this nomination more than she does.”

Her dedication to school and her career path has really reflected in her future plans.  She does not play sport but she does many other outside school activities mentioned by her father Robert Jordan, “Colleen likes to cook and spends vast amounts of time with family and friends.  When Colleen is not doing things with friends she likes playing with [Dwight], and watching medical and crime shows and listening to music.  Colleen also participates in activities such as drama club and volunteering at Regions Hospital where she goes above and beyond.”

As deserving as anyone else, she has really put large amounts of time into earning her nominations.  From hours of homework, staying up ate if needed to volunteering at hospitals to earn experience in the environment known as her second home.

Robert said, “Colleen definitely deserves this.  She has always been a good student, doing well and taking demanding classes.  The nominations is a reflection of that effort and success as well as an indication of her career goals.”

Stillwater, welcome our new Medical Leader representative Colleen Jordan.

As Robert said, “I look forward to the day I can greet Dr. Colleen Jordan.”