Star Wars Episode 7: A new hype

StarWarsThe upcoming and long awaited continuation of the Star Wars series has finally arrived. Fans around the world are excited to see how Disney may have revived the series, or brought it down like the disappointment that was the recent trilogy (episodes 1-3) according to most fans.

Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens has been a largely anticipated movie for the fanbase of Star Wars, and with Disney under control, fans have been skeptical of how Disney may revive the series for up to another two episodes after Star Wars VII. Spending nearly twice the amount of money as the most recent installment of the series, Star Wars episode III, and 4 times as much money (with inflation) than the first installment of the series.

Most fans think with that amount of money, Disney will create exactly what was promised for the next film, a proper re-introduction of star wars back into nerd culture with an exciting and visually stunning film that audiences will enjoy.

Most fans are excited for the movie, but are still skeptical about what Disney will do with the series, like Junior Ben Lynch.

“I am hyped for Star Wars but I don’t like Disney being involved,” Lynch said, “I’m not surprised it sold out so fast, and I hope it will improve upon the previous movies. If Disney doesn’t rush the films, they will find a way to make it really good.”

Disney bought both Star Wars and Indiana Jones in 2012, which concerned many fans because of Disney’s catering to children for many of their movies could potentially ruin the series with childish jokes and unnecessary humor (which not-so-ironically, is what made Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the other episodes made in the early 2000s a failure as well).

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That being said however, the teasers and trailers to the movie look promising and Disney ensured fans early in the production it would follow George Lucas’ original plans for the films, and would hate to lose one of the largest fandoms there is.

Some fans are supportive of Disney taking the controls on the series, like junior Paul Martineau. “I am very excited for the next movie, and from the previews, I think Disney did a good job with the film,” Martineau said, “As nerd culture seems to assimilate to the mainstream culture, the audience for this movie is expanding to very large amounts, and if they can keep a good story going, fans like me are going to love it.”

Star Wars 7 could either make or break the series. The disappointment of the 2000s trilogy (episodes 1-3) was because the movie tried to cater to a much younger audience than what the fans enjoyed. An annoying character, Jar Jar Binks, now one of the most infamous movie characters of all time, acted childish and made childish jokes throughout The Phantom Menace  which was one of the vary many things that drove older moviegoers and fans away from the films, and ultimately made that part of the franchise a joke to many. With Disney now jumping in, hopefully they do not make the same mistake. (but with a $200 million budget, one could assume that Disney doesn’t intend on making any mistakes with the franchise, added on to the $4 billion to buy out Lucasfilm)

Star Wars has gone down in history as the most successful sci-fi series of all time, and the hope of millions is that as the journey continues in a galaxy far far away, the movies will remain to be some of Hollywood’s greatest treasures. Until the movie comes out, fans have a new hope that the series will remain the best it can be.