Say ‘Hello’ to Adele’s new album

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Adele's new album 25, was released November 20, and exclusively at Target three bonus are included in the album.

Photo by: Mikayla Erf
Adele’s new album 25, was released November 20, and exclusively at Target three bonus are included in the album.

With Adele’s newest single entitled “Hello” climbing the charts in over 20 different countries and breaking records worldwide; Billboard, Fuse, and other sources call “25”  the most anticipated album of 2015.

The British singer and songwriter Adele is back with her newest album entitled “25”. Highly anticipated, her recently released single has set the scene for what is predicted to be Adele’s greatest success yet. “25” was released on Nov. 20 and is 45 minutes, including 11 new tracks such as the previewed single “When We Were Young”.

After Adele’s nearly four year musical hiatus, she’s back from spending time with her son and suffering from intense writer’s block and some would claim even better than ever. Adele had thought about quitting the music industry entirely, but after her son was born  she claimed that he inspired her to write more, to show him what she did on a daily basis.

“She’s perfect, I’m so glad she’s back, I wish I was her,” sophomore Allie Wohlwend, an Adele enthusiast said.

The video for the single reached over 100 million views on YouTube in just under a week. Breaking the Vevo record previously held by Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. Hello broke countless other records and became number one on the Billboard Top 100.

“The only part I can remember is when she says hello, but she says it so good,” junior Morgan Nelson said.

Adele is a God, she can do whatever she wants”

— Ellen Bordeaux

Judging from Adele’s previous musical success, this album is sure to be topping the charts despite its absence on Spotify and Apple Music. “21” alone being #1 on the all time US Billboard 200 and “19” ranking #4 on the same chart.

“She has an amazing range, it’s incredible and probably is what makes her so popular,” Wohlwend said.

With Adele’s 11 million sales from her previous album “21”, both Adele and her fans know this will be a difficult album to follow up. Adele told SoundScan, “My thing was how do I follow up 21? But I can’t do that because it was so big. I can’t live up to that again.”

“Adele is a God, she can do whatever she wants,” said junior Ellen Bordeaux.

Adele claims to be most excited about the final song on her album, “Sweet Devotion”. Adele told SoundScan that the song “is a real good sing along song and has a good hook”.

“Adele was so big 5 years ago and then she dropped off the face of the earth, of course, this album will be huge,” explained Bordeaux. The anticipation for this album along with Adele’s absence from the industry has built this to be her most successful album yet.



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