Girls swim team still practicing to win


The girls swim team gets ready for their State True Team meet to start. In a True Team swim meet, every member of the team participates in one event to try and gain points for their school’s team. This is the most important swim meet of the entire year.

Kenzie Hendrickson

Hard work is a phrase heard quite often for the Girls on the Stillwater Swim Team. They spend several hours each day, and six days a week for months practicing for their meets. Oct. 19 all of their hard work paid off.

The team participated in the True Team State Meet. True Team State is a meet in which four people swim every event from every team. Each person gets points for which place they hold. In the end, everyone on the team matters. True Team State is unlike normal state because in state the girls are mostly swimming for themselves. Every year Stillwater Girls Swim Team has placed high for the True Team State.

The team’s coach, Brian Luke, has been coaching for Stillwater for 39 years. As a very experienced coach, he pushes the girls to their limits. He pushes them to achieve their absolute best and try their hardest.

“Our coach, Luke has been coaching for almost 40 years and he has 111 consecutive dual meet wins (and counting) so he hasn’t lost a meet since 2003. He makes us work so hard everyday and it pays off,” said junior Lauren Quickel, who is on the team.

The team works very hard every year, all season for all of their meets, but True Team State is different. It is a meet with all of the state, and those girls are representing an entire school. They prepare mentally and physically, long before the meet.

“True Team State is a huge meet for us, and Luke makes that clear throughout the whole season. We focus a lot on working as a team, and that was important in preparing for the meet, because it’s so imperative to work together at true team,” said Captain Mary Knaak (‘14).

The girls on the team know how important the meet is to them and to their coach. They know that every year Stillwater does very well at this meet and they know that they have to do their best. This year they got second in state. Which is better than the past two years, which they have received third place.

“There’s just something magical about True Team State for our team. We show up and all of a sudden, one after another, everyone is getting lifetime best times and beating records. I think we do so well because we walk on deck not as a group of individuals but as one unit.” said Knaak.

Stillwater Girls Swim Team has worked hard for the achievements they have made. Not only have they worked hard for them but they continue to achieve them.