Nails of a different color

Stephanie Nielsen, Fashion Blog Photographer

Almost like magic, this trending new nail polish seems to detect your mood and change colors accordingly. Color changing nail polish is in style this spring. Some nails change with temperature when submerged in water and some change with the sunlight. They can be found in nail salons all around the community, and have recently been rising in popularity.

Color changing nails are gaining popularity and trending this spring. The color of the nail polish changes with either UV rays from the sun, or what marketers say is your mood, though the color truly changes with the temperature of your body. Being a versatile product, it can be anyone’s new favorite mani or pedi. 

Color changing nail polish also comes in various colors and types. One type, the heat-activated gel nail polish, when exposed to temperature changes hues of a specific color rather than a new color altogether. When exposed to Ultraviolet light, the chemicals in the sun-activated nail polish reveal their true colors for example, by going turning yellow to red, or blue to purple.

Junior Lauren Greeder said, “I thought it was really cool how it changed different colors. It was also cute how they said that the nail polish changed with your mood.”

Not only are these nails trendy, they are also affordable. Ranging from $3-15 a bottle online and $15-30 gel manicure in a salon, they’re reasonably priced for such a fun polish.

 Greeder said, “They surprisingly weren’t that expensive. For the manicure I got, the price was worth it.”

Color changing nail polish can also be great for any occasion. Since you can decide the colors, you can match accordingly.

Sophomore Olivia Wojski said, “They’re cool in the summer because they change colors so much and are fun to watch. They can also match whatever I’m wearing.”

Color changing nail polish is trending this spring. They’re a colorful and cheerful twist on classic manicures and pedicures while also staying affordable.