Marijuana Wax becoming an issue in Washington County

Lucy Langmack, Editor-in-Chief


Graphic by Sam Hudachek

The rising conflict of marijuana in America will not stop. From thousands of arrests for marijuana possession to Colorado legalization to marijuana use for medical reasons, the long journey of this psychedelic drug has made its way to Washington County. Teens face the growing issue of marijuana use in the form of wax. This is not okay because it is dangerous for student’s developing minds and personal habits.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in American and, according to, over 80 million have tried it at least once. This growing demand has characterized the marijuana market at $10-$40 billion a year.

This new form of marijuana is a brown, moist wax known as “dabs” to teens. It has become so popular because it is easy to hide in a purse or backpack. It is not the typical green leaves most people recognize as marijuana. The wax is a very concentrated and can take only a minute to get a “high”. The leaf marijuana contains about 15 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the drug that causes the psychological effects of marijuana. In the wax, the THC is as high as 80 percent.

Marijuana wax is to marijuana like crack is to cocaine. It’s a more concentrated form,” said Laurie Anderson, an assistant Washington County attorney who handles wax cases, in an interview with South Washington County Bulletin.

This is a real issue for students because it can effect them more, killing more brain cells faster. It is crucial for their developing minds to have good, beneficial habits. Not only is it dangerous to take, with instant results, it is very dangerous to make. But that is not stopping anyone from continuing this growing business.

Marijuana wax is to marijuana like crack is to cocaine. It’s a more concentrated form.”

— Laurie Anderson

Marijuana wax is made by packing the marijuana leaves and straining liquid butane through the plant substance to extract THC. The butane from the strained liquid is removed leaving the sticky, chunky wax. The process is similar to a meth lab with flammable cautions. If the butane is not done properly, an explosion could occur.

There have been multiple “dabs” issues with the police in Minnesota so far. A marijuana wax manufacturing operation in St. Cloud caused an explosion and fire killing an elderly woman. In Duluth, two teens were hospitalized after using the wax, and in St. James, two men were arrested and charged for marijuana possession.

The real concern for parents and students is the federal crime committed. The federal charge for marijuana depends on the situation. Possession of any marijuana, no matter how small, can lead to jail time up to a year and $1000 for the first offense. The second offense adds a 15-day sentence and up to two years in prison. Any possession after that can face three months to three years in prison and $5000 fine.

Marijuana is a serious issue and can result in serious consequences. Students do not realize the severity of the situation, and one mistake using this drug can ruin their whole future. Any future employer will turn away someone with a criminal record. The new method of marijuana wax offers more temptation to students and holds a threat to Washington County.