Intramural volleyball strikes again

Intramural sports come in plenty at Stillwater, but the work and competition to follow behind each one are unique and different.

Intramural volleyball began on April 13. It is a league made up of nine teams, six of which are in the upper league and three are in the lower league. Competition dates include April 13, 20, 27, May 4 and 11. May 11 concludes the regular season and the playoff games follow that same night.

Seniors Brian Treacy, Matthew Treacy and Sam Keran make up a portion of Team Treacy. This season is the team’s second year participating in the activity.

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Matthew said, “This is my second year in intramural volleyball, and I wanted to join because my friends and I love to play volleyball together so we figured it would be fun. We would love to win it all this year, and I think we have a pretty good chance.”

Many teams that have joined in the past come back with strong goals for the next years.

Keran described his goal to, “Win the championship. A lot of our team is very competitive and we wont fall short of the gold medal. We plan on playing fierce and playing mean. No matter who the competition.”

Intramural volleyball is open to anyone at the high school, no matter competitive or skill level.

Intramural Director Ralph Halvorson said, “Sometimes we have had a teacher team or a staff team and it is just kind of fun to watch them compete against the students. The students really get geared up to play against the staff team.”

The rules of the activity suggest the teams be created in a gender neutral way.

“I think [we have the rule] just so it doesn’t become an all guys league or an all girls league, it’s really meant as a co-ed thing and I think that you have to have some structure such as so many girls required on the roster or on the court itself to keep it dynamic,” said Halvorson.

Intramural volleyball allows students to play a sport with their friends that they may have otherwise not been able to, and it is a very inviting activity for all.

Keran said, “Every person that is playing is always smiling and having a good time. And I think a lot of people that you talk to will say the same. Volleyball is such a fun and interesting sport to play. Your team can still have a lot of fun, whether it’s a serious team or a casual one.”