‘Insurgent’ dominates theaters


The movie theaters were hit with a bang of chaos on March 20. “Insurgent,” “Divergent’s” successor, premiered and the anticipation finally ended. Veronica Roth’s use of words and detail inspired all readers of “Insurgent,” but the movie did not live up to its expectations. Without comparing the movie to the book, the movie was absolutely incredible.

As the second of the trilogy, main character Tris Prior, played by Shailene Woodley, along with boyfriend, Tobias “Four” Eaton played by Theo James, try to make the impossible possible. They are divergents, among the smartest in their factions, hiding from Jeanine Matthews, played by Kate Winslet. She holds a box that needs to be opened by a divergent, but everyone so far who tried opening for her has failed and died. The pressure is on for Tris, many lives lie in her hands.

The effects and the way the world was portrayed in “Insurgent” was excellent and pleasing to the eye. Tris gets into many simulations and has nightmares throughout the movie that were full of detailed scenes with developed props. Their technology was created very advanced and way advanced from current technology.

Junior Katie Lottsfeldt said, “The positives are many things, but one of them is that they did a very good job making it as modernistic as possible.”

Junior Cortney Stedman added, “I was a little surprised about the amount of blood in the movie. I know the book is quite violent, but I assumed it would be one of those movies where no blood is shown. But it still was not too graphic.”

Surely, “Insurgent” is an all around crowd pleaser. There was a lot of feeling in the book and viewers became attached to characters as the action got more intense.

“My favorite scene of the movie was when Peter helped Tris escape because it was a very intense time and everyone thought that she was dead but she was really just under a drug that made her look/act dead,” said junior Maddy Nelson.

Surely, “Insurgent” is an all around crowd pleaser. There was a lot of feeling in the book and viewers became attached to characters as the action got more intense.”

Though the actors and actresses, Woodley, James and Winslet had some help. Caleb Prior, played by Ansel Elgort, Tris’ brother happened to help the enemy.  Though these and the rest of the crew played their roles perfectly, the character development in the book and the movie are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Two characters, Marcus Eaton, played by Ray Stevenson, was rarely showed, along with Uriah, played by Keynian Lonsdale, never being shown. But those who were shown, remembering their names and their roles in Tris’ journey was very difficult.

“I liked the book better than the movie because the book had more details and better character development,” said Stedman.

“There were so many scenes I really liked, but I really liked the action parts when Tris was in the simulation and it was very much like the book in that scene,” said Lottsfeldt.

But trying to keep both the author, Veronica Roth, and fans happy simultaneously is a large weight to carry. The efforts were obviously there, just a few difficulties fitting enough details from the book into the movie.

Nelson said,”I think they stuck to the story line because they wanted to please the audience who had read the book. They obviously needed to change some things to keep it under two hours and to make it make sense for those who haven’t read the book.”

Insurgent fans who read the books were anticipating much detail because they were used to Roth’s style of writing, but did not always see that reflection in the movie.