Immigration policy not for U.S.

For years, immigration laws have been a heavily debated topic in this country. With both sides wielding equally convincing arguments, it seems there is a never ending conflict on what decision is to be made regarding illegal immigrants in the country. With the introduction of Obama’s new approach on immigration, the US could see a new beneficial approach on the way immigrants are involved in this country’s economy.

On Nov. 20 President Barack Obama announced his new plan for American immigration. This plan would allow temporary citizenship for unauthorized immigrants who have been living in the United States for more than five years, and if they have children living in the United States. To receive all of these accommodations they must also pass a criminal background check and be content to paying their share of taxes.

President Obama’s plan is expected to effect around 48 pof the current population of unauthorized immigrants. The newly introduced plan would award three-year work visas to up to five million unregistered immigrants, after they pass the requirements. This plan, however, does not affect the immigrants of the future, immigrants that have been in the United States for less than five years and immigrants that are without children.

This new plan has already caused great controversy, in that it immediately drew a reaction from the Republican Party as well as 20 US states who intend to sue the administration. Although behind on the times, they are not entirely at fault. The Heritage Foundation predicted the cost of amnesty will be around $2 trillion in the next 50 years, due to the beneficiaries having received, on average, no higher than a tenth grade education.

Although this plan could be a huge step forward for the United States as an “all are welcome” country, some of the more reluctant citizens see it as another way for “illegals” to take their jobs. This plan however does not provide a definite path to citizenship, in that the members of the House of Representatives, which is consisted primarily of Republicans, has openly spoken out against this on separate occasions.

There is an estimated 11 million unregistered immigrants in the United States to date. For this new immigration policy to be put into action, not only could the country see uncharted benefits, but a whole new perspective on the life of immigrants in this nation.

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With around 32 percent of Americans agreeing with President Obama’s executive decision to change immigration laws, there still leaves a lot of room for people who are undecided on the issue, and even more that disapprove of the new plan. Despite the progress being made, there is still 32 percent that believe the undocumented immigrants should be required to leave the country, and be given no chance to aspire.

More than anything, this law would greatly diminish the fear that immigrant workers face every day. They constantly avoid authorities in fear of deportation, which could hinder their ability to work. If this law is passed, this fear could be gone and they can focus more on work increasing production.

Documenting all of these immigrants could also decrease the amount of situations where they are taken advantage of by their employers. They would no longer fear authority figures, and could begin to start contributing as a citizen by paying taxes and being an active member in the community.

Another problem that could soon arise might be the bombardment of applications from immigrants, which is expected to start in the spring. Many fear the process could be riddled with fraud by immigrants seeking for nothing more than the benefits this policy has to offer.

Although there is no certain lean on the debate, this plan that is expected to begin accepting applications in the spring could be the next big step this nation was looking for in terms of progress.