Social media trends emerging

Joey Costa, Social Media Reporter

Studies in 2014 showed that Americans ages 18-34 spent about four hours a day on social media. With new apps introduced every day and almost 1.3 million apps already introduced, people cannot get off their social media devices.

Social media in the past 10 years has evolved beyond belief throughout the entire world. Today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and many more gain popularity and users by the second. Chatting with family and friends and seeing what is new in someone’s life at the touch of a button revolutionized the Internet and the people using it. Somethings are trending and people looked for new things to mess around with.

Senior Charlie Haumersen said, “I have had a Facebook since probably seventh grade and I have had my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for about two years now.”

Not a single social media site ever came close to how huge Facebook is. It still is an absolute powerhouse and still controls the world’s social media. According to, it had 1.3 billion users monthly and 75 percent of them are not even in the Untied States! Children and adults of all ages signed up for it every day and it just keeps growing. It is the most popular and most downloaded social media app on iTunes and on the Play Store, Androids version of iTunes.

“I have a Facebook but I haven’t used it in so long. I mostly just use Twitter and Snapchat,” said junior Tyler Kusz.

Snapchat became one of the most famous social media devices, with a quick picture, it can be an easy way to show someone what happened in someone’s life. Right now it is number six on most downloaded free apps on the Play Store and number 15 on iTunes most downloaded free apps. There were over 400 million snaps a day according to Snapchat was released in 2012 and had skyrocketed to the top as one of the most popular and fun ways to talk to friends and family.

“My favorite has to be Instagram because pictures are fun to look at and you can see how people get older and what they do in their life”, said junior Morgan Testa.

Instagram was introduced in 2010 and many people loved the app. It moved into the 13th spot on iTunes app store and 5th in the Play Store. Many high school and middle aged people downloaded this app to surf through photos of friends and family while showing what is new in their life.

“Every single one of my friends has a Twitter, no one uses Facebook anymore for some reason. Not sure why I, just got bored of Facebook,” said Kusz.

In 2006 Twitter went public and has very slowly gained popularity. Many high school and middle aged people use Twitter and with only about 284 million users, it has a long way to go to catch up to Facebook.

It is impossible to talk about all the different types of social media apps. There are hundreds of them, but Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the big three that stand out with Twitter trailing close behind. It is always fun to use social media and figure out what is the best fit for the users personality. Users can customize each different app or site to their own preferences and that’s why they become so popular and have in a way changed our whole society.