Laura Sobiech releases ‘Fly A Little Higher’

Emily Ness, Anchor

Once in a blue moon, a remarkably rare individual impacts the world, leaving behind an everlasting legacy. For many, Zach Sobiech was that individual.

When Laura Sobiech learned that 17 year old Zach had terminal Osteosarcoma, she said one last prayer: “Okay, Lord, you can have him. But if he must die, I want it to be for something big. I want someone’s life to be changed forever.”

Laura had no idea what was coming.

Instead of writing goodbye letters to family and friends, Zach chose to write songs. One of them, “Clouds,” made him an international sensation.

People from all over the world followed Zach’s story. His life changed the lives of countless individuals forever.

In May of 2014, one year after Zach passed away, Laura released her book entitled, “Fly A Little Higher.”

Laura opens her book with the following quote:

“Over the years while walking with my son Zach through his battle with cancer, there were moments I tucked away in my heart, knowing that eventually I would write them all down. What resulted is not a story about how Zach died. Rather, this is a story about a boy who found himself tested by pain and loss. It’s about a boy who learned to live while dying and in doing so brought hope to countless people who desperately needed it. But most of all, it is a story about a boy who showed his family, his friends and eventually the world that everyone can choose to fly a little higher.”

Laura hopes that her book will impact people.

“The primary purpose of the book was to raise awareness for Osteosarcoma. The secondary purpose of the book was to inspire people,” said Laura.

The book is rated 4.75 stars out of five stars on For someone with no prior experience with writing, this is truly amazing.

“When I see my book in stores next to all of the famous authors, I laugh. It is so surreal. I cannot believe that I wrote it,” said Laura.

Target wants to showcase “Fly A Little Higher” as the holiday pick for the month of December. This is great news.

“I wanted people to walk away with something. I didn’t know if the book I had written achieved that. I am both happy and surprised at how well it is doing,” said Laura.

The book has achieved all that and more. Audiences of all ages love the book.

“Readers have reached out to me. Some simply want to say ‘thank you.’ Others want to know how we made it through such a difficult experience. It is very humbling,” said Laura.

Many important concepts are addressed within the book. Faith, in particular, played a huge role in the life of the Sobiech’s. Laura wanted to incorporate her family’s faith without coming across as ‘preachy’.

“I figured that people would take away what they needed to,” Laura said. “I didn’t need to sell God. God could sell Himself,” she added.

And over all, this is the vibe that readers are receiving.

“Bad things happen, but your life doesn’t have to be devastated. Zach’s life wasn’t. Ours wasn’t either,” Laura said.

The Sobiech family is doing well.

Alli, the oldest of the Sobiech children, is living in Chicago with her husband Collin. She recently got a job with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and absolutely loves it. She truly believes that she found her purpose through her brother’s cancer experience, and in this way, she honors Zach.

Sam Sobiech, the second oldest, is studying Biochemistry at the University of River Falls Wisconsin. He likes it a lot, and comes home on the weekends to visit.

Grace Sobiech is a sophomore at SAHS this year, and she likes it a lot. Grace is currently running for Student Council; Zach would be very proud.

The family’s legacy is being further extended because the producer of Zach’s documentary, “My Final Days,” Justin Balodoni, wants to make a movie about Zach. He is currently working with producers in Hollywood in order to make this possible.

“Life is not slowing down!” Laura said as she shared that their family also continues to participate in Cancer Research and Funding and hope for a cure someday.

“We are $120 thousand away from meeting our $1 million goal. We are hoping to achieve this by the two year anniversary of Zach’s passing,” said Laura.

Laura’s prayer came through, changing not one person’s life, but many lives around the world. Zach’s legacy and Laura’s book inspires individuals to fly high into the clouds.