Nose Rings: a new fashion

Nose Rings: a new fashion

Sam Hudachek

Fashion has changed recently in high school. Many older styles that were once lost are now returning. However, one fashion that is starting up is not new clothing or hairstyles, it is nose rings.

There are many different styles of nose rings. The L-shaped, bone, screw and fishtail are just a few of the many kinds that people can get. They can be attached to different parts of the nose as well, including the nostril, upper nostril, septum, bridge, vertical nose tip and the nasal lang.

Many people go to stores to get their noses pierced, but there are many different stores within the Twin Cities that can be chosen.

Hannah Sutcliffe
Photo courtesy Sam Hudacheck
Hannah Sutcliffe showcasing her hoop nose ring.

College freshman Hannah Sutcliffe, a 2014 Stillwater Area High School graduate, said, “I pierced my nose at 16, got the ring at 17, and I did it at St. Sabrina’s because they’re all about safe piercing and tattooing!”

While there are many different kinds of piercings, each one feels a bit different.

“The stud is a lot more noticeable because you can feel it in your nose when you first put it in,” said Sutcliffe. “The ring is a lot easier to get used to because it’s not really touching anything.”

Opinions vary greatly on whether people like nose rings or not. Some people do not like them much.

“I don’t mind little piercings towards the back,” said senior Nathan Schlegel. “I’m not crazy about the big rings in the middle.”

However, there are many who like them as well.

“I love my nose,” said junior Isabel Day. “Whether it’s my hoop or simple stud, it makes me feel more as an individual.”

While some nose rings are small studs and some are large rings or hoops, both are becoming more popular throughout high schools as the years go by.