Soundset Music Festival features popular hip hop artists


Photo by Christy Prust Soundset in previous years has been a huge hit, and Soundset 2014 expects to be even more of a hit this year. This year, Soundset will be featuring artists like 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa.

Soundset is a music festival that has been becoming popular throughout the past years. Many more people have been attending the festival and counting down the days each year until the day of the festival comes.

As spring approaches so does Soundset and many eager fans cannot wait to attend a day filled with over 30 artists performing between multiple stages during 9 hours. The festival has been happening since 2008 and has continued to gain popularity over the past few years. People from all over Minnesota and even other states attend this festival for the hip hop music. The festival is put on by Rhymesayers Entertainment and more than 10,000 hip hop fans will be coming to enjoy a day of music.

The event includes a variety of artists performing on stages, a live graffiti painting, a skatepark with a skateboard showdown, a custom car show and a freestyle session. The event has a lot to offer making sure you don’t get bored.

Many people have high expectations this year with the performances because of a packed lineup full of great artists that people are big fans of.

“There is a great deal of talent in the lineup this year. I have high expectations because most of the performers have good music. The only thing I question is their ability to perform live,” said junior David Guild.

Over the years Soundset has had a few changes and things that they add each year. There’s always something new, even if it is a slight change in the way where things are located throughout the event.

“There is a great deal of talent in the lineup this year. ”

— David Guild

“From what I noticed that has changed is that the tickets have raised in price a lot. More people are starting to show up and more people have become known with the event,” said junior Nelson Weaver.

Many people continue attending Soundset because of all of the fun memories they have from previous years. They enjoy the atmosphere around them with all of the people.

“The first year I ever went, I met these guys and watched atmosphere perform with them and right when atmosphere started singing, trying to find a balance, it started raining and it looked super cool because it was dark and all the lights on the stage were reflecting off of the rain, it was a really cool moment,” said junior Georgia Eger.

Some people are attending the hip hop concert to see the bigger artists like Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, G-Eazy and many more. Others on the other hand are excited to see the more unknown artists that haven’t gained much popularity yet.

“I have gone once and I am going again this year because some of my favorite underground artists are going to be performing and performed last year. Such as, Schoolboy Q and Joey BadA$$ last year,” Said Guild.

If you enjoy a wide range of hip hop and like being in a good and happy atmosphere for a day full of happy people then Soundset is a great festival to experience. The music will not let you down and you will leave satisfied with many memories.