IPPC claims support of global warming

Alec Youngblood

Global warming and climate change have been highly debated topics over the past several decades and now the United Nations has released its public opinion. Only meeting once or twice per decade, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released claims supported with evidence explaining the drastic effects climate change is having on Earth. Only time will tell if Earth can be saved from these predictions of catastrophe; however, it is definite that its preservation will depend upon the dedication and actions taken by humanity.

The IPCC is the primary international body for the assessment of climate change. Made up of thousands of well-educated scientists, the IPCC was established in 1988 by the United Nations Environment Program, its purpose  is to provide the world with a clear and scientific view of the current condition of the climate and the socio-economic impacts it is having. The organization does not conduct research itself, but instead gathers, monitors, reviews and assesses the data that it is provided with from around the world.

A region’s climate is defined as the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions. The notion of climate change is that a regularly constant and predictable environment has become altered and unpredictable. The most commonly referred to circumstances are increased temperature, rising water levels and the reduction of polar ice caps.

The constant argument when it comes to climate change is not whether or not it is occurring, which is a resounding yes. The real debate is whether it’s manmade or natural and what role man should take in its direction. The primary focus of the IPCC was the toll that gas emissions are taking on the planet. The report states that decades of foot dragging by political leaders has propelled humanity into a critical situation, in which greenhouse gasses are rising faster than ever.

The report warns that if change is not implemented immediately, future generations will be forced to rely on technological advancements in order to restore Earth to a healthy state. The advancements would have to reverse climate damage as opposed to preventing it and will need to somehow eliminate greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. There is no guarantee that these technologies will even exist, let alone be affordable.

Climate change is happening and it will only continue to become more drastic and severe. The Today Show’s Al Roker reported that U.S. President Barack Obama recently said, “This is not some distant problem of the future; climate change is already affecting every region of the country and key sectors of the economy.” The IPCC has been criticized in the past for being too conservative with their reports which goes to show how serious of an issue climate change has become and why it should be taken more seriously. The future of our planet and civilization is in our hands.