9/10 formal gives students one last blast of fun


Photo by P.J Smith

Poster of date, time and place of the 9/10 dance

P.J. Smith, Photography Editor

As the school year comes to a close, the student council is throwing the last two school dances in favor of everyone’s hard work and efforts throughout the school year. These two dances are the 9/10 formal and the prom. The prom will be hosted at the Oakdale Event Center, while the 9/10 formal will take place at the high.

“It’s better than most school dances. I’d say from the ones I’ve gone to, not better than the prom. But I think genuine generally, it is better than most,” junior Max Lopez said.

The 9/10 formal is a dance typically known as a ball and follows the same rules as one. It is a dance where typically everyone dresses up formally, the decorations are fancier, the food is more well done than usual and the music is better than ever. This dance is a 9/10 dance, meaning it is for the freshman and sophomores. Juniors or seniors wanting to relive their 9/10 experience, can have the opportunity to attend. The student council monitors everything and will be making sure everyone is having a good time.

“The 9/10 formal, is taking place this Saturday. It’s basically just an opportunity for the ninth and 10th graders to also get an opportunity to attend a formal dance similar to prom,” student council member junior Rafferty Shaw said.

Last year’s 9/10 formal was a huge success. Many of those who attended had only good things to say about the dance as a whole, and a lot of people that went last year said, “It was more formal than I intended.”

It almost makes students feel like they are at a prom. The lighting, the music, the outfits, it all shapes out to be something spectacular. Other students who could not attend would have had to see it in order to believe it, all in all, a lot more effort was put into this dance than any others throughout the year. Students simply cannot wait to see how this year’s 9/10 formal turns out.

I honestly just really hope that it’s as good as this year as it was last year.

— Max Lopez

“I think it seemed a bit more organized than other school dances that I’ve like, gone to. It seemed like a bit more sort of, like a, like a group effort to like, we’re going to make this like the best we can sort of kind of dance,” Lopez said.

Student council has been the real MVPs of the events this year and last year. They do so much to make sure everyone has a good time at these events, they even have meetings every Tuesday morning in the main forum to plan everything and make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of these events. It takes a lot to be a student council member, they even have booths up at lunch to make sure everyone can get their tickets for these events, and they are sometimes accompanied by the man with a plan himself, advisor Dusty Dennis.

“Student council, you are going and you are like monitoring everything. Basically, making sure everything runs smoothly, making sure everyone’s having fun, that kind of thing. If you’re just going as a ninth or 10th grader, hoping to have fun, you should have already bought your tickets. So you just show up, and you will get your name checked off the list. And then it’s very similar to any other dance that you have,” Shaw said.

Since the 9/10 formal was such a big hit last year according to some individuals who went to the dance last year, it has high expectations for this year for those who enjoyed the experience and just generally had a good time. There were over 100 people who went last year to the formal and 85% say it was a huge success. The remainder says the music could have been better. Even so, students are still hopeful for this year.