Hardest high school winter sport training regimen


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A PAC member weight lifting.

George Palm, Broadcast Editor

Although the high school is home to several winter sports, there are three sports that stick out in particular when it comes to a difficult training regimen, those being: basketball, hockey, and wrestling. Physical training is essential for almost all sports and especially sports like the ones previously mentioned. But, mental training is another form of training that takes place in several sports. The criteria for what defines a tough training regimen include the time that is spent on training for a particular sport, and a focus on not only physical training but mental as well.

For the average basketball player at the high school, practices and training take up roughly 6 days each week. Henry Thury, a junior who’s been on the team for years, comments on the number of hours filled up by basketball, “I probably take up about 10-11 hours [each week].”

Along with normal practices, most basketball players see themselves as weight lifting. Weight lifting is done to maintain a strong athletic shape, which is necessary for basketball. Henry defines the importance of lifting weights for muscle growth by saying “I’d say [weight lifting] is necessary because it’s easy to get pushed around out there.”

Although basketball does include physical training, mental training isn’t as prominent. Henry explained this fact when he said “I’d say basketball is more physical. [But] there’s a little mental training when it comes to learning the plays.”

Another sport previously mentioned as having a difficult training regimen was hockey. Although hockey doesn’t have as many practices as basketball, it requires training all year. Junior Myah Krueger, who plays on the girl’s hockey team, touched on this by saying “We [the hockey team] workout twice a week. Off season, during the summer, we run a four day schedule.”

Hockey players do spend most of their time on the ice, whether it’s a practice or a game. But hockey does involve a bit of mental training as well. Myah explained how “[We] train off ice and on ice… You have to think of plays, zone coverages, breakouts, forecheck, etc.”

Wrestling is another sport previously mentioned having a tough training regimen. Training and practice for wrestling take up an average of 12 hours per week. Ambrose Spaeth, a junior on the wrestling team said “It’s [wrestling practice] six days a week… two hours.”

Unlike basketball, wrestling includes a focus on mental training. And in fact, mental training is held up to the same value as physical training. Ambrose said, “You need [mental and physical training] because you’re not going to beat someone who’s super technical if you’re just strong.”

In conclusion, wrestling contains the most difficult training regimen. This can be said as wrestling takes up roughly 12 hours a week, which is slightly more than basketball and hockey. Another reason why this can be said is also the fact that wrestling includes a strong focus on the mental aspect of the game. With a physical and mental demand, stretching across 12 hours a week, wrestling is truly a difficult sport, with an even more difficult training regimen.



Pull quote – “You need [mental and physical training] because you’re not going to beat someone who’s super technical if you’re just strong.”