Twinkle carnival comes back


Creative Commons photo by Bill Pohlmann

People gathered under the twinkle lights in downtown Stillwater. The bright lights of the holiday celebration brought joy to people’s faces. The cold winter air brought chills filled with hot cider delights

Ella Belland, Photographer and Online Editor

HO! HO! HO! The holidays are around the corner bringing back the Twinkle Carnival to Stillwater. Bundle up and get ready for the twinkle lights and Santa downtown in December.

Santa comes into a town full of joy and excitement for the younger children along with Disney characters such as Elsa and Anna from the movie “Frozen”.

Modern-day Santa was a monk whose name was St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas was believed to be born in 280 A.D in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey. Legends say that St. Nicholas gave away wealth and traveled to help those who were poor and sick. St. Nicholas gained popularity as he was known as the protector of children and sailors. Over time, St. Nicholas turned to modern-day Santa, who delivers toys to those children on the good list.

“It is special for the kids, seeing the kids be super excited about Santa is nice,” junior Olivia Thieman said.

The Twinkle Carnival is an event hosted at Lowell Park to celebrate the holidays and decorate the downtown area with tons of beautiful lights. Volunteers spend days setting up light tunnels and ice structures along the riverside throughout Lowell Park. Twinkle Carnival has been running for 15-plus years. Food trucks and set-up shops come from cities and other towns nearby. Volunteers from all over Minnesota come to this event to spread and feel the warmth from the community.

Stillwater is home to about 20,000 people. The town is surrounded by many other small towns where families gather downtown to enjoy food and drinks.

Stillwater was founded in 1843 and was known for the lumber industry. The lumber industry came to an end when the last log passed through the St. Croix boom in 1914. After then, the town began to form neighborhoods and families started to gather and live along the river and create stores downtown. The name Stillwater comes from the calmness of the St. Croix River. Not only does Stillwater attract smaller towns, but it also brings families from Wisconsin in.

“Stillwater is very cheery and festive,” junior Justin Odell said.

The Stillwater Chamber is a non-profit organization in hopes of creating a welcoming and fun community. The chamber hosts the Twinkle Carnival every year.

Junior Breyden Kaeding said he had “good experiences and memories” with his family and friends.

The Chamber gathers volunteers and sends out invitations to the community and surrounding communities. Anyone in the community can join the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce to help build a better community and share ideas for improvements and events.

The Twinkle Carnival will be hosted on Dec. 4, 2022. With 2,000 twinkle lights to give out and tree lighting at 5 p.m.; Santa arrives at 4:30 p.m. along with other Christmas characters. This event is free to all families and friends who want to attend.

Odell is excited to go to the upcoming Twinkle Carnival and “be near many restaurants and shops” with his family and friends.

Come along and check out the Twinkle Carnival. Grab your coats and mittens and stay warm at this event, On Dec. 4, starting at 4 p.m. Enjoy some music and food with your family and friends.