Jamie Dresser prepares to approach collage


Photo submitted by Jamie Dresser

Jamie Dressers Senior Photo

Nuria Landaverde, Copy Editor and Photography Editor

Senior Jamie Dresser is a talented and hardworking student. Balancing both school and music to get into top musical colleges, he has initiated his collage portfolio to apply to schools like USC Madison, University of Miami, NYU, Northwestern and Madison. He plays various instruments that bring him joy.

“I’ve been playing French horn since fifth grade, guitar since sixth grade and piano on and off” He is practicing everyday after school with his Orchestra teacher, Mr. Lindsay. Jamie Dresser practices once a week with his music composition teacher at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.

With college applications coming up, the sooner the better.

“For my portfolio I’ve done like ensemble stuff and solo stuff,” says Jamie after being asked if he has created any songs.

Showing colleges that inspiration can be acquired anywhere when creating music

“You might not even notice you’re getting inspiration from it”. Senior Nate Dreyfus encourages Jamie and has big hopes for him stating “In a couple years. I think he will definitely be in college. Probably composing with referring circles.”

Senior Nate Dreyfus, one of Jamie’s best friends of four years claims “We have considered just playing in some bands” in other words, they help each other out whether its school work or music composing.

“It seems like he does more music than school. He seems to compose a lot more than schoolwork.”

Where others find stress, Jamie finds navigating senior year trouble-free. When participating in activities you enjoy it seems as if it is less time consuming and less work, others might find it hard to do. “It’s not like something I am stressed about because I like doing” says Jamie Dresser.

Mr. Lindsay, Director of Band has been teaching for 33 years, claims Jamie one of his students as an “outstanding musician, he is a kind person. He is quiet, and reflective, He is a good composer.” Mr. Lindsay says Jamie likes to write a lot of lush larger works and in a romantic style. He claims Jamie manages time and balances both music and school work.

Although Jamie Desser has had a lot on his plate with his last high school year, he has juggled his interests and school very well. Overall this just comes to show that you can accomplish anything if you really wanted to. Mr. Lindsay includes that “Everybody can make a career in anything they wish. It’s the matter of how much time they want to spend on it, and how they go about it. Its 90% perspiration, not 90% talent and many talented people fail. It’s talented people who have the drive to do it who succeed. I think Jamie got the drive and I think he’ll do just fine.”

Pull quote: Jamie Dresser “Inspiration can be acquired anywhere when creating music “You might not even notice you’re getting inspiration from it”