Nelson’s opened April 6

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Photo by Alec Youngblood

People flock to the iconic Nelson’s Ice Cream. “I miss the ice cream during the winter so I anticipate it because it’s just so good,” said senior Megan Letkeman.

Those hot summer nights around Stillwater, people drive up to the ice cream place on the hill but there is already a line around the building. This ice cream place is none other than Nelson’s.

Families from all around have been flocking to this ice cream place for about 91 years. It started in 1923 when it was Seven Corner’s grocery store. Families flocked again to Nelson’s that was reopened on April 6 and serves a variety of flavors such as Pirate’s Booty, Snowflake and Rocky Road. It is typically a popular hang out spot for teens and families during the summer, especially at night.

“For me, Nelson’s symbolizes the beginning of the end of the school year because the return of ice cream means the return of summer and warm weather! Also I miss it during the winter so I anticipate it because it’s just so good,” said senior Megan Letkeman.

Most teens anticipate its open so much that last year on its opening day there was a line around the store waiting for it to open.

Whenever people head to Nelson’s for their very first time, they are shocked on the portion size of the ice cream they get.

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“I love that the ice cream servings are enormous! It’s funny watching people come in for the first time and I hand them their ice cream, they can never believe it. We care at Nelson’s that you get as much ice cream as you want,” said senior Mackenzie Fenner who also works at Nelson’s as a scooper.

With over 50 flavors to choose from, everyone who walks in has a favorite flavor they just have to have.

“My favorite flavor is probably moose tracks because I love peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream and that flavor combines that all,” said Letkeman.

Nelson’s is worked mostly by teens and college kids.

“I work at Nelson’s because I’m a youth who wants money, but seriously I love my job. Nelson’s is sometimes considered a teenage business because of the college kids and teens,” explained Fenner. “ I have worked at Nelson’s for three summers, this year being my fourth.”

Nelson’s is known in about as far west as Roseville. People are drawn to Stillwater by the unique city but then come and stay for the ice cream.

“I’m drawn to Nelson’s because whenever I am seriously craving ice cream I know that their amazingly large awesome portion sizes will satisfy my need,” said Letkeman. “Plus I have lots of choices.”