Students make final preparations for prom

Megan Warlborow

What does hours of stress, lots of colors and painful shoes all have in common? Yes, prom. This is some of girls most exciting and dreamt about day besides their wedding, and everything has to be perfect. The 3 month preparation is over and now the day has come. All the girls are fitting into their dresses while the guys are trying to figure out how to put their suit together.

Stillwater Area High School’s prom will be held on May 3.The tickets will be selling anywhere between $22 and $29, increasing each week. This year prom is being held at Myth.

In the morning of prom, people have to prepare, and that means a checklist on what to bring when it comes time hop on the bus to prom.

Senior Mckenzie Jacobson said, “My checklist for the day of prom includes getting my hair done, doing my own makeup, slipping into my dress and packing a clutch with things like bobby pins, chapstick, etc.”

It requires girls getting ready for prom anywhere from 1-6 hours. This planning will take time, therefore girls should have a game plan for what they want to do with their hair, nails, makeup, etc. Lots of girls get professional help to do some of these tasks, but that is a personal decision for everyone.

“Last year, I got my hair professionally done because I have so much hair.  It would be hard for me to successfully do it on my own in a way that would last the whole night. I know people who did do their own hair and it did turn out awesome as well. I don’t get my makeup professionally done because I usually don’t like how it turns out when others do it. I do get my nails done though. I will go a salon and get my fingers and toes done. I usually get a French manicure.” said senior Kayla Tobias.

Not only do the girls have to prepare for prom, but the guys do as well. They have to coordinate with their date on colors, get a corsage and put on their tuxes layer by layer.

Senior Jacob Ousley said, “All I really had to worry about was getting the corsage, but I took my date with me and it was easy.”

All of these sometimes stressful preparations could make time skip a beat. Therefore, although getting ready for prom can be a little chaotic at times, remember to have fun.

“Avoid all of the drama that prom usually brings and just have fun. It goes by quick,” said Mckenzie Jacobson.

Although the girls’ bathroom’s will be filled with makeup remover, hundreds of bobby pins and face powder in between the cracks in the tiles, one will be able to say they had fun because they look good and felt great.