Schools impacted by un-strict gun laws


Photo by Paige Van Duyne

Deaths caused by gun violence in the U.S. continue to rise. If each year the casualties are becoming greater, why is the government doing nothing to stop it.

In the U.S. alone, 117,000 people get shot and of that 40,000 are killed due to gun violence. Without stricter gun laws put in place, these numbers will continue to rise. 

 Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens. More than 3,500 deaths per year occur in U.S. schools. The staggering number of casualties gun violence causes could be lowered with stricter laws put in place.

History teacher Mike Weiss believes “ government should have more time to analyze purchases, making our society a bit more safe. Waiting whatever amount of time would be appropriate.” 

 The amount of deaths gun violence causes within places that should be considered safe, is outstanding. The rise in shootings and threats in 2018 resulted in schools hardening security. Though impactful, this will still not ensure students’ safety.

Security guard JoAnne Sandahl said, “We have more procedures in effect than we did in previous years” in regards to the school adding better security.

 Stricter gun laws does not mean banning guns. People who truly want or need a gun for personal use (including hunting, self-protection, e.t.c.) would possibly only be required to undergo a deeper background check and training. These simple conditions could prevent a gun from getting into the wrong hands.

“For lawful gun owners, it doesn’t really matter. They’re willing to wait for extra checks. It will hopefully help with the gun violence problem that we are obviously seeing in America,” school resource officer Dave Wynia said.

Weiss added that waiting whatever amount of time, whether it be a day to a month, would be very beneficial. 

 Gun violence decreases high school student’s academic performance. The trauma following gun violence can result in depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep problems and much more. These can all lead to struggling in school, trying to fight a mental battle while trying to learn.

Sandahl asked, “Going to and from school, are we going to have a safe day to day?” concerning what students may be thinking about while trying to get through their daily classes.

Every single person’s vote is extremely critical in the movement to end gun violence and the site provides resources to elect candidates who will implement better gun laws. There needs to be a safer environment in the United States. Voting for the right leaders would be the start to making the impact that is needed.